NET Download

Download .NET 7.0.17 And .NET 6.0.28 LTS (Offline Installers)

Download .NET security updates for March 2024 using the provided offline installers.

NET 8 Released

Download .NET 8.0.3 LTS (Offline Installers)

Patch those Denial of Service vulnerabilities in your .NET installation with .NET 8.0.3.

Download NET 9

Download .NET 9 Preview 2 (Offline Installers)

Download the latest preview version for .NET 9 with performance gains and new functionalities.

NET Download

Download .NET 7.0.16 And .NET 6.0.27 LTS (Offline Installers)

Alongside .NET 8.0.2, Microsoft has also rolled out .NET 7.0.16 and .NET 6.0.27 LTS. These are all part of the February 2024…

NET 8 Released

Download .NET 8.0.2 LTS (Offline Installers)

Microsoft has rolled out .NET 8.0.2 as part of February 2024 .NET updates. This is the LTS version, which means…

NET Download

Download .NET 7.0.15 And .NET 6.0.26 LTS (Offline Installers)

Download the latest versions of .NET 7 and .NET 6 with security and repo improvements.

NET 8 Released

Download .NET 8.0.1 LTS (Offline Installers)

.NET 8.0.1 is now available to download using the provided links directly from Microsoft.

NET Download

Download .NET 7.0.14 And .NET 6.0.25 LTS (Offline Installers)

Download the updated .NET versions for November 2023 with the latest security patches and improvements.

NET 8 RC 2

Download .NET 8 Release Candidate 2 (Offline Installers)

Download the second-last preview release for .NET 8 and test out the latest updates before everyone else.

NET 6 Generic

Download .NET 6.0.18 LTS (Offline Installers)

.NET 6.0.18 LTS has been released as part of June 2023 .NET updates. Download the offline installers using…

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