Devices Lifecycle: End Of Life And Support Status

Devices are physical gadgets manufactured by different companies for different intents and purposes. These include tablets, phones, watches, computers, and integrated circuits.

Devices are normally supported for as long as they support the announced operating systems. Therefore, a device’s support duration is closely attached to the duration of support of the operating system. A device may support only a single version of an operating system, or multiple versions of it.

However, any manufacturer can stop the manufacturing of a specific device at any given time. This normally happens when certain technology has become old or has become obsolete. When the manufacturing of a specific hardware model halts indefinitely, it is considered “Discontinued”.

That said, a discontinued product could still receive support for years to come, as it is still being used by the consumers and the manufacturing company has to deliver on their promise of the number of years of support for the device.

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