Download Microsoft Office 2016, 2013, 2010 Updates For May 2018

Microsoft has released patches for Office 2016, Office 2013 and Office 2010 as a part of first Patch Tuesday in May 2018. The hotfixes for Microsoft Office include 30 security updates and 22 non-security updates.

The security updates include important vulnerability fixes so you should update to the latest version of Microsoft Office by installing these patches.

There are two ways to get these updates. One, you can get the updates through Windows Update if you have already checked “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I updates Windows”.

Give me updates for other Microsoft products
Give me updates for other Microsoft products

This means that you will get the Office updates automatically when you run Windows Update.

The second way is to download the updates and install them manually. If you want to download and install the updates manually, we are giving the download links of these updates below:

Office 2016 Updates for May 2018

KB4018382 for Excel 2016

KB3203479 for Office 2016

KB4011634 for Office 2016

KB4018318 for Office 2016

KB4018369 for Office 2016

KB4022133 for Office 2016

KB4011237 for Office 2016

KB4011239 for Office 2016

KB4018327 for Office 2016

KB4018321 for OneNote 2016

KB4018372 for Outlook 2016

KB4018373 for Project 2016

KB4018367 for Skype for Business 2016

KB4018383 for Word 2016

These are not direct download links. To download any update, just click the link and the download page from Microsoft will open from where you can download the update for your system easily.

These are security updates only. For non-security updates, you may refer to this page.

Office 2013 Updates for May 2018

KB4018399 for Excel 2013

KB3162075 for InfoPath 2013

KB4018389 for Office 2013

KB4011253 for Office 2013

KB4011254 for Office 2013

KB3172436 for Office 2013

KB4011281 for OneNote 2013

KB4018376 for Outlook 2013

KB4018379 for Project 2013

KB4018377 for Lync 2013

KB401839 for Word 2013

Office 2010 Updates for May 2018

KB4022144 for Outlook 2010

KB4022146 for Excel 2010

KB4011274 for Office 2010

KB4011275 for Office 2010

KB4022139 for Office 2010

KB4022137 for Office 2010

KB2899590 for Office 2010

KB4022141 for Word 2010

KB4022150 for Office Compatibility Pack

KB4018308 for Office Viewers and Office Compatibility Pack

Some questions are answered below to be clear about the terminology of Microsoft Updates.

Some frequently asked questions

What is Patch Tuesday?

Microsoft regularly releases security updates for almost all of its supported products. The Patch Tuesday are security updates released by Microsoft normally on second and sometimes fourth Tuesday of every month.

What is a patch?

Patch is a software which is designed to enhance an already existing software. The patch may be used to fix issues to the product or even enhance its functionality.

If you have any confusion or you want a questions answered in the FAQs, please let us know through comments below.

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