5 Ways to Update Installed Software Automatically In Windows 10

Almost all popular software come with their own software updater module. The problem with this module is that it keeps on running in the background taking valuable system resource. In this article, we will discuss different ways to update software automatically without using their built-in update utilities. This will relieve some valuable system resources including CPU, RAM etc. By using these tools, you can safely turn off updates for all your software and use these software update tools to automatically update installed software in Windows.

PC App Store

PC App Store is a utility that shows you a list of all installed programs on your System. And if any new version of software is available, you can install the update within the PC App Store tool automatically. So by opening the tool, you can easily view any new update as soon as it is available. All updates will installed one by one without knowing you. You just need to click on Update button once, then updates will start installing in the background.

Again, if you do not want to update the same software again and again in the same week or sooner, you can uninstall that unnecessary software from your System through the PC App Store tool because updating the same software often is irritating and time-consuming.

How to use PC App Store

  • Download the PC App Store from the below Link
  • Run the installer to install it on your System. Select the destination folder and language and then click on Install.
  • It will start installing and takes 4-5 seconds to complete the installation.
  • The main window will look like this.
  • Go to update tab and see which programs need updating. My only one software needs to be updated. Click on the update button. The program will start updating itself through the PC App Store.
  • Go to Uninstall tab, if you do not want to use any program. And uninstall it.
  •  From its home page, you can install any app of your choice if you like any app.

PC App Store Download Link

Download the PC App Store from here

Patch My PC Updater

Patch My PC Updater is a good tool to get notified about updates of your installed software and programs. This is a freeware tool, and a portable version is available that do not use any of your System resources and run as a portable tool on your System.

If any update of a software on your System is available, the Patch MY PC Updater will let you know and you can easily update that particular software from the Patch My PC Updater too. If any of your System tools is not correctly installed or having any issue, the Patch My PC Updater will patch the bugs and make your software work properly. Click on the “Update” button, and all programs start updating themselves through the tool in the background without affecting your work or without utilizing your time.

Its scanner will categorize the software into three portions

Red: software with red color indicates that this software needs an update and you are using an outdated version of those programs.

Green: software with green color indicates that these are updated

Black: software with black color indicates that these are not installed.

How to use My PC Updater

  • Download the tool from below link,
  • Run the installer to start installing the tool. As it is a portable tool, no installation is required. Click on its exe file and tool will be opened.
  • The tool says that your 4 programs need to update. Click on “perform 4 updates”.
  • The Patch My PC Updater has many options, you can use options according to your need and choice.
  • It has an Uninstaller section, that allows you to uninstall any non-required and unnecessary tools for your System.

Patch My PC Download Link

Download Patch My PC Updater from here

Kaspersky Software Updater

Kaspersky Software Updater is a free tool that keeps your programs and software updated. If any of your programs is outdated and needs an update, you can use this tool to install updates within the tool. It also helps you to fix the bugs and removes security gaps by providing latest features of programs installed on your System. You can schedule your update time according to your requirement and need.

Download Kaspersky Software Updater from here

Heimdal Free

Heimdal Free, updates your programs quickly and silently. Just through a single click, all updates start downloading and installing, and you will experience updated software on your System. If any vulnerable software is present, Heimdal free sense it and tells you about the software so that you may take any decision against it.

Heimdal free also tries to fix security issues within any program and software. Activate your Heimdal free license by entering your email address.

Download Heimdal free from here

5- SUMo

SUMo is another tool that helps you to update your software and programs which are not updated and needs an update for their proper functioning. This tool is available in both paid and free version. But free version can fulfill your need if you are a non-commercial user.

It automatically detects all software which is installed on your System, And then scan those, which need to be updated. then update them within the tool. If any patch is required on any program, apply the patches and retain their functionality.

Download SUMo from here

You can easily keep your PC up to date using the above mentioned software. You only have to select one for your use. Although all of them are very good, I would suggest SUMo or Kaspersky Updater. Uninstall/stop the individual updaters of each software to save valuable system resources.

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