5 Ways To Check Installed Version of IIS in Windows

Internet Information Service (IIS) is a web server from Microsoft used to host anything on the web . It will host your websites, application on the web. It provides support for HTTP, HTTPS (which contains security certificate and is secure than HTTP) , FTP (File Transfer Protocol used to transfer files) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol used in transferring of email). It is included in Windows by default in optional features.

You can enable it from Optional Features. Beside that, this service can be enabled through Windows Features. Just select windows option and Type “Turn Windows features on and off”. Then Select Internet Information Services. You will be asked to restart the system to finish installing request.

How to check installed version of IIS in Windows?

You can check IIS version using several different ways. Choose the method you are comfortable with.

Using Control Panel

Just go to the Control Panel and Select Administrative Tools.

Open Internet Information Service Manager. Go to Help and Select About Internet  Information Services. The following window will appear which contains the version number of Internet Information Services.

Using Registry Editor

You can also check the installed version through registry editor too. Type regedit in the search bar or run window. Registry Editor window will open. Then  go to  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \InetStp\ . This will display the version number installed.

The last string Versionstring represents the version number.

Using Command Line

To check the version in command prompt, open command prompt and type command


It will redirect of Internet Information Services Manager. Go to Help ->About Internet Information Services and you will get the version installed on your computer.

Using Run Command

Select windows +R key and type inetmgr and press OK.

It will open the IIS manager window . In the same way go to Help ->About Internet Information Services and you will get the version installed on your computer.

Alternatively select windows +R and type %SystemRoot%\system32\inetsrv\InetMgr.exe. It will also open the IIS Manager.

Using PowerShell

For checking the installed version through Powershell, first of all open Windows Powershell. Then enter


This window will be displayed.

Alternatively ,type the following command in Windows PowerShell.

Get-ItemProperty -Path registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\InetStp\ | Select-Object

This specifies the path to registry editor. The registry path of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then it further go into software then microsoft and IntelStp and display all the properties of the version. Version string will tell you the current version of  Internet Information Service.

You can manually check the installed version by searching in C:\Windows\System32\InetMgr directory

This will direct you to internet information manager.

How to determine If IIS is installed on  your computer?

In order to check if IIS is installed on your computer press Windows + R and then type inetmgr and press OK. If IIS configuration screen is displayed then IIS is installed on your computer. Otherwise you need to install it. Another method of checking the whether IIS is installed go to ControlPanel->Programs and Features and then , Click Turn Windows Features on and off. Then check in the list of Internet Information Services. If that option is check it mens that IIS is installed on your computer.

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