Fix Mount Option Missing in Windows 10

Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 can have the mount option of ISO files by default. You can just right click any ISO file and select Mount. Previously it was done using third party software which would create additional virtual CD/DVD ROM drives in which the ISO files were inserted virtually. But now Windows Explorer has the capability of creating a virtual DVD ROM and automatically insert the ISO file.

Sometimes, a third party application will mess up the default options and mount option will seem like missing in Windows 10 or Windows 8.1. In this article, we’ll see how to fix mount option missing in Windows 10 which had been messed up by a third party app.


If you don’t have enabled the mounting option in your system, you can follow below easy steps to make it enable in your system and enjoy this option. There are couple of ways to fix the issue. Basically they do the same thing but using different interfaces.

Using Control Panel

  1. Go to start menu and write default program.
  2. Open the default program and click on set your default programs
  3. And then select” Windows disc image burner” and click “Choose default app for this program”
  4. You will see a list of default programs and click on check all. and save it
  5. And now mount option is enabled in your system.yo can check by clicking right on any ISO file, you will see that “mount” option is available there now.

Using Modern Interface Settings

  1. Open settings in windows 10 or press “windows + I”. And click “System
  2. Now open “default apps” and click “ set defaults by app”
  3. Now by clicking this, this will lead to again all those steps you did in method 1.

Now you can mount any ISO file easily and enjoy this amazing feature of windows 10 because you don’t need to install any third party software to use this feature.

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7 thoughts on “Fix Mount Option Missing in Windows 10”

  1. Option does not work 100% I can mount the .ISO after following “Mikes” correct steps.

    I can then install the software, but when I go to run it, even though the .iso is still mounted and in explorer/ This PC, the program says it cannot find the disc.

    So problem not fixed if MS can’t mount .ISO so the mounted .ISO can be found by the software that is installed from the mounted, and left mounted, .ISO.

    Need fix for that problem.

    PS. Damon tools and WinCDEmu both have same issue…

    Running Win 10 1903 Ent, 32 bit in VM to run old educational learning software.

  2. Why is every single solution to this in Google supplying this garbage incorrect info? Just wasted half an hour trying this crap before I found Mikes comments with the actual answer…

  3. This article is worthless doesn’t work at all.
    If you want to mount an ISO simply do this.
    right-click the iso, and select properties in the menu.

    Under Opens with, select Change to change the file association

    select Windows Explorer

    After that you will have the Mount Icon back

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