How To Lock A Windows PC Without Locking The Screen

If you are watching a movie or having a video chat with your family or friends in a group and don’t want anyone to disturb the screen through keyboard or mouse, KeyFreeze is the right app for you.

KeyFreeze locks the keyboard and mouse without locking the computer screen. Normally when we lock a PC, the screen changes to a locked one where we have to enter the password again in order to use the PC again. KeyFreeze gets rid of this situation and freezes the mouse and keyboard while leaving the screen open to make sure that no one can alter anything without your own intent.

Installing and using KeyFreeze

KeyFreeze is such a small utility that it should not have an installer but the publisher has packed KeyFreeze in an installer. The setup comes in an online installer which will download and install the actual program upon execution.

Installing KeyFreeze

The interface of KeyFreeze is very simple as it comes only with one button, “Lock Keyboard & Mouse“. You can click on the button to lock the keyboard and mouse while keeping the screen open. When you press the Lock keyboard and mouse button, it will lock the screen after 5 seconds.

One thing to note here is that if you are running KeyFreeze as an administrator, it will not ask you about running the app otherwise it will ask for admin permissions.


To unlock the keyboard and mouse, just press Ctrl + Alt + Del. This will release the keyboard and mouse immediately. You can press the Back button to proceed if you are using Windows 8.


Overall, KeyFreeze is a great program if you want to keep your screen open while locking everything else. It should have been a portable utility so that we could keep it in our USB flash drives. How do you use KeyFreeze?

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  • Shreya

    Going to try this. This is what that i am searching for. Thanks for sharing.

    • Usman Khurshid
      Usman Khurshid

      Especially useful for me when I want to watch a movie with my daughter around :-D

  • Rick

    I ran the setup in a sandbox and grabbed just the exe which can be downloaded at:

    [link removed]

    I hate these online installations, especially when the program is a whooping 86k or so!

    • Concerned User
      Concerned User

      Don’t download Rick’s version here! Download from above.

      Rick, gtfo here with your dropbox BS. The original file is 500kb, half a megabyte. Which is almost nothing.

      • Usman Khurshid
        Usman Khurshid

        I have removed Rick’s link. Although no antivirus detected anything in the file but Concerned User, you’re right it should always be downloaded from the official site.

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