Differences Between Lenovo Laptop Series

Lanovo Laptop SeriesLanovo Laptop Series

Lenovo is one of the best and most popular laptop brands in the world. According to Wikipedia, Lenovo is the world’s largest personal computer vendor by unit sales. Lenovo combines both economy and quality to offer products in ranges that consumers can afford.

If you go to the market to buy a new Lenovo laptop, you will be greeted with a bunch of Lenovo laptop series. It’s important to know what each series is about before buying the laptop .

In this article, we discuss about Lenovo laptop series. After reading through the article, you will be able to better understand the differences between the Lenovo laptop series and which one is suitable for you.

Laptop categories

Lenovo laptops are divided into five major categories:

Each series is designed for a specific audience. There are other series which we may call sub-series like Flex and ThinkStation. We will also talk about these additional series.

How to Read Lenovo Model Numbers

Lenovo laptop model numbers are divided into three major parts:

  1. The first part consists of the category name i.e., ThinkPad, IdeaPad etc.
  2. After the category, comes the series Letter i.e., X, T, L etc.
  3. The last part is the actual model number of the laptop i.e., 330, 730, 340 etc.

There is an optional letter at the end of the model no. which denotes a specialized function. For example, S denotes a compact form of the laptop series, more of a notebook/tablet computer.

For example, IdeaPad Yoga 11S is a Yoga series laptop whose model no. is 11 and S denotes that it’s a slim notebook/tablet computer.

Lenovo IdeaPad


Lenovo IdeaPad series includes entry level to mid tier laptops which are not as powerful as other Lenovo series like ThinkPad but offer enough resources and power for everyday work or school.

You will not be able to play high-end games because most IdeaPads don’t come with a graphics card or if a separate graphics card is installed, it is of entry level. Most IdeaPad laptops, especially ones with 15.4″ or higher screens, are heavier than the rest of the lot.

Its competitors include Dell Inspiron, HP Pavilion, Toshiba Satellite and Acer Aspire.


  • Cheap as compared to other laptops
  • Laptop performance is pretty good


  • Build quality is not as good for long term usage
  • The screen display is typically dim and not very sharp
  • They don’t last long due to their build quality

IdeaPad series

Y series IdeaPads are designed for gaming. The models ending with d have 3D screens while models ending with p are performance optimized.

IdeaPad Z series is designed for entry-level multimedia users.

IdeaPad U series is specifically designed for on-the-go computing combining consumer grade performance and portability.

IdeaPad V series is designed for small businesses and office work.

IdeaPad S series is an entry-level computing series and is designed for everyday use where users don’t need a lot of power and resources.

IdeaPad 5 series comes with a powerful battery and a very good display. They are designed for everyday computing.

IdeaPad Flex series is a 2 in 1 laptop with a touch screen.

IdeaPad C series is budget friendly 2 in 1 laptop without a touch screen.

Lenovo ThinkPad


Lenovo ThinkPad is a flagship series of Lenovo laptops. It is the most commonly used series across businesses. ThinkPad laptops are designed with a combination of portability, performance, security and durability. The look and feel of almost all ThinkPad laptops is the same, but each model comes with its own features.

If you want to run business applications that are resource hungry as well as processor intensive, then you should consider selecting a Lenovo ThinkPad series laptop.

ThinkPad Series

ThinkPad E Series is an entry level laptop for business users. E14 comes with a 14″ screen while E15 comes with a 15″ screen. There is another special model called 11e Yoga which is convertible.

ThinkPad L Series These are super slim business laptops which mostly come in 13.3″ screen size.

ThinkPad X Series This series is a premium Lenovo laptop series. These laptops are ultra portable, slim and fit for frequent travelers. X Series laptops come with a 13.3″ screen.

ThinkPad T Series includes premium laptops that are durable, performance optimized and come with long battery life. These laptops are perfect for mobile on-field work. T Series laptops come with 14″ and 15.6″ screens.

ThinkPad P Series is a workstation laptop series. These laptops are designed for high performance but are heavy and are designed to be used more as Desktops due to their weight. These laptops come with 14″, 15.6″ and 17.3″ screens.

Lenovo Yoga


Lenovo Yoga laptops are 2-in-1 laptops which can be converted into a tablet with a 360 degree screen rotation. These laptops are ultra-slim and lightweight as well as flexible. All Yoga laptops come with a touchscreen.

Yoga Series

Yoga 300 Series is a basic convertible ultrabook which comes with a 11.6″ display. Due to their smaller display, they are very affordable as compared to other convertible models. Most Yoga 300 laptops are equipped with Intel Celeron processors which have lower performance as compared to the mainstream processors.

Yoga 500 Series includes entry level laptops with plenty of storage, a comfortable keyboard and a larger screen, i.e., 14″ or 15.6″.

Yoga 700 Series is a premium 2-in-1 laptop series that is good for gaming as well as performance intensive work. Yoga 700 laptops come in 14″ and 15.6″ laptops sizes.

Yoga 900 Series is a top of the line Yoga series with maximum performance output, ideal for gaming and development work. Yoga 900 devices come with higher resolution up to 4K. The Yoga 900 business edition also includes enterprise grade security via TPM and other software.

Lenovo Legion

Yoga 1
Yoga 1

Lenovo Legion category of laptops is designed specifically for gaming. Compared to other series like ThinkPad and IdeaPad, Legion laptops are a bit bulkier. However, they come with all the features that are great for gaming, like backlit keyboards, powerful GPUs, fast screen frame rates, excellent connectivity, and optimized cooling systems.

Legion Series


Legion Y Series laptops are designed for portability and travel friendliness. They are light weight and slim as compared to the other legion models. They can be thought of as entry level professional gaming laptops that are better than IdeaPad Y series but not comparable to Legion 5 or 7 series laptops.

Lenogo Legion 5 comes with a 15.6-inch display with up to 144Hz refresh rates. It comes with a mid-range GPU, up to 500 nits display and immersive sound with Harman Kardon speaker systems.

Legion 7 Series is the top of the line gaming laptops from Lenovo. They have the highest range of resources available with high-end graphics cards and up to 240Hz refresh rates. If you are a Pro gamer and want to play high-end games, this laptop is for you.

Lenovo ThinkBook


Lenovo ThinkBooks are premium business laptops designed with style, portability, security and travel friendliness in mind. The series is perfect for people who want to work from home or freelancers who travel a lot and want enough power, security, and portability.

Lenovo ThinkBook series laptops come with TPM integrated module for the physical security of the laptop and data. You can get all types of other security features like fingerprint reader, Windows Hello for face lock etc.

Normally, ThinkBook displays come with very high resolution that includes 4K resolution as well. They have large batteries for long work hours.

Lenovo ThinkStation

Lenovo ThinkStation/ThinkPad P series laptops are powerhouses of performance. They are normally used as replacements for Desktops. They are meant to keep running 24/7 without any reduced performance.

ThinkStations can be used for high-end application work like data processing, labor intensive workflows and Artificial Intelligence tasks. ThinkStations are designed to meet rigorous computing requirements.

Lenovo Desktop Computer Series

Lenovo Desktop Computer series includes IdeaCentre and ThinkCenter. They are Desktop versions of IdeaPad and ThinkPad but more customizable as they come with more ports and extendability.

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