How to remove all traces of USB drives ever connected to your computer

Every time a USB device is connected to the computer, it stores its information for history and re-usability. This can be advantageous because Windows does not have to install a driver for that particular device when it is plugged in again. But sometimes it becomes necessary to delete all the information about the USB devices ever connected to your system.

In this article, we will tell you how to delete and remove all the traces of USB devices ever connected to your computer.

USB OBLIVION is a software which can be used for the purpose of deleting all USB history information from Windows computer.

Download USB Oblivion

On downloading , you’ll get a zip folder. Extract it then you’ll see two version for this software. One is for 32 bit window and other is for 64 bit window.


As i have 64-bit Operating System, so i’ll go with 64 -bit version. A window will appear, click on Run to run this software into your system.


After its running is finished, it will ask you to start for cleaning the USB devices.


When you click on “Clean”, it will search through your system and find all the old USB devices and make them clean from your system.


After removing all these extra files, you may need to restart your computer to make sure all the registry entries have been successfully removed. As system reboot will provide you the new start up after deleting those USB devices.

This is how you can easily remove unwanted USB devices from your system. Please note that this software does not give any way to restore the registry entries which have been deleted. You will need to manually backup and restore the registry if you want. This process does not have any negative effect on system’s performance. The only issue will be that Windows will install the drivers of each USB device again.

I hope this article will provide you easy understanding how to remove extra USB devices from your system and make your system free from all unwanted devices.

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