How to show Folder size in Windows Explorer

Sometime your system will become very dull and slow in speed and space in your disk is filled with all of your files and programs. So you need to check which folder is large in size so you can delete some extra files from that folder to make some space free for other programs or files. There are some utility programs through which we can check the file this article I am mentioning some programs through which you can easily check the file size of any of your folder.

Utility Programs to show folder size

Folder Size

Folder Size free and you can easily download it. Let’s have a look of file explorer before the “Folder Size” program is installed.

Download Folder Size

When you download it, it will add a new column in your Windows explorer, which show the size of file. This software also shows the Folder Size. So by checking the size you can easily see which folder is taking large amount of space on disk.

Main features

  • It will automatically update the folder size if any changing occurred in any particular folder.
  • You don’t need to use any other program or open anything else to view the size of any folder.
  • It don’t scan anything on its shows the size of folders as you open the Windows Explorer.
  • Large folders will scan in background when you are browsing

Whenever you start the system the window will pop up and tells you the folders size. But some time it becomes annoying or irritating for users. Here is a solution for this. Just right click on its icon from Task-Bar and unchecked the option for “Show folder Size popups”. So now no pop up will appear. Or you can also unchecked the option of “Start on Windows startup”. This will prevent the Folder Size not to start on Windows startup.

So this is one utility to check size of folder. Below are some more utilities for the same purpose.


TreeSize is another utility program that helps you in making your disk space clear by telling you the size of folder so you can delete some extra files from that large size folder.

Download TreeSize

it is free software for your windows. Download its exe file and after downloading click on “scan” from menu and choose the drive you want to check for its size.

Then after selecting any required drive, it will show you all folders of that drive and their size will also be displayed. You can sort them according to size. So first folder will be in list with larger size and then so on.

You can expand each folder to see the size of its sub folders too. So this is how you can easily check the folder size of any of your folder and make your disk clean by removing some large and unimportant folders. This will also allow you to scan the folders which are present in any external source that is CD, DVD or USB.


This is another free utility to check the folders size of your system’s folders. This is easy and portable. Its interface is user friendly.

Download Disktective from here

When you install it, it will ask you to which drive you want to scan.

Then after a quick scan it’ll provide you the complete size of each folder in that drives you selected for scan. And a pie chart will also be displayed for quick look of your folders size. This will also allow you to scan the folders which are present in any external source that is CD, DVD or USB.

Above all are reliable and easy software for checking the size of folders from your system so that you can clear the space of your drive by removing some extra folders which are taking large space in your systems. You can go for any of them which you find best for you.

Folder Size is the only option available for users who want to show the folder size inside Windows Explorer. All other options have their dedicated software for analyzing the size of each folder. So I would definitely go with Folder Size as my default utility. What’s yours?

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