.NET 7

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Download .NET 7.0.17 And .NET 6.0.28 LTS (Offline Installers)

Download .NET security updates for March 2024 using the provided offline installers.

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Download .NET 7.0.16 And .NET 6.0.27 LTS (Offline Installers)

Alongside .NET 8.0.2, Microsoft has also rolled out .NET 7.0.16 and .NET 6.0.27 LTS. These are all part of the February 2024…

NET Download

Download .NET 7.0.15 And .NET 6.0.26 LTS (Offline Installers)

Download the latest versions of .NET 7 and .NET 6 with security and repo improvements.

NET Download

Download .NET 7.0.14 And .NET 6.0.25 LTS (Offline Installers)

Download the updated .NET versions for November 2023 with the latest security patches and improvements.

NET 7 Download

Download .NET 7.0.5 (Offline Installers)

.NET 7 is updated every 2nd Tuesday of the month by Microsoft. Each iteration of .NET 7 makes…

NET 7 Download

Download .NET 7.0.4 (Offline Installers)

.NET 7.0.4 is now available to download using the direct download links. This is a non-security update and…

NET 7 Download

Download .NET 7.0.2 (Offline Installers)

Download .NET 7.0.2 using offline installers given in this post. This is a non-security update and includes several…

NET Any Version Command Prompt

Install Any .NET Version Using Command Line

Rather than downloading installation packages for different .NET versions, you can install any version directly from the Command…

NET Framework download

.NET Framework All Versions Offline Installers Direct Download Links

.NET Framework runtime is used to run applications developed in Visual Studio with this framework. This page lists…

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