WhatsApp Vs IMO: The Complete Comparison

Audio and video calling apps have become so much common and famous in these days. Users even use these Apps to call locally to their friends and family. Some Apps are so cool and quality Apps while some are not so much useful or good for use.

The most common and most used apps for video and audio calling are WhtasApp and IMO. These are not only famous for calling purposes, but users are doing so much fun by using these apps. Users are confused among both Apps which to use or not.

In this tutorial, I am going to try my best to give you a complete comparison between these two Apps, and I hope after it, you may easily able to choose which App is best for your use.


WhatsApp is the most famous messaging and calling app for users and I guess almost every smart phone user is using it. It is not only common for youngsters or businessmen, but even old people or your grandparents are also using it and taking so much benefit from it.

WhatsApp Vs IMO: The Complete Comparison 1

You can do lots of things with WhatsApp. And stay connected with your friends, family and your business mates.


  • All the friends in your contact list, which are using WhatsApp, will be marked as favorites in your WhasApp App contacts.
    WhatsApp Vs IMO: The Complete Comparison 2
  • You can send messages to your each of WhatsApp friends. The message will be sent instantly.
  • In messages, you can attach 20 images at a time, you can send your location, you can send any audio or video, send any contact, send any document to your contacts. And share your stuff with your friends.
  • Record your voice and send it as a Voice message via WhatsApp.
  • Make your text message more expressive by sending different and cute Emojis and picture messages.
    WhatsApp Vs IMO: The Complete Comparison 3
  • If your message is received to your friend, you will have a double gray tick sign, and if your friend, seen your message then your message will have a double blue tick sign.
    WhatsApp Vs IMO: The Complete Comparison 4


  • You can see when did your friend last use the WhatsApp through Last Seen option available at the top of the chat.
    WhatsApp Vs IMO: The Complete Comparison 5
  • Not only audio call, you can do video calling through WhatsApp with your friends and family.
  • You can set the Account settings, Privacy Settings, Notification settings and many other settings according to you.
    WhatsApp Vs IMO: The Complete Comparison 6
  • You can hide your last seen from all of your friends.
  • If anyone annoying or misbehaving to you, block it with WhatsApp Block Contact feature.
  • Now in the new update of WhatsApp, you can set any picture, GIF or video as your Status.
  • You can set your profile photo to make your account more attractive for your friends.
  • Make Groups of your friends and share all things at the same time with your friends via the group.
  • The Desktop version of WhatsApp is also available for you to use it on your System.

Cons of WhatsApp

  • If you hide your Last Seen, then you can not able to see the Last Seen of any other friend too.
  • Some Middle Eastern countries have audio and video call restriction of WhatsApp.
  • While using WhatsApp, time runs and you do not know exactly how much time you wasted so this may little less productivity of the App.


IMO is another hot favorite audio and video calling App widely used by users all over the world. You can add your contacts in the IMO and start chatting or calling to them for free of cost but data charges may apply.

WhatsApp Vs IMO: The Complete Comparison 7


  • Send any text message or audio message with Imo to your IMO friends.
  • Make an audio or video call with your friends and family. Or do group call with it.
    WhatsApp Vs IMO: The Complete Comparison 8
  • Make your message more expressive and interesting by adding different stickers and Emojis.
  • You can share any photos or videos via IMO.
    WhatsApp Vs IMO: The Complete Comparison 9
  • You can block any unknown or misbehaving contact.
  • If a person you are calling for, is online, then “Ringing” will be written on calling screen. If he isn’t online then only “Calling” will be written on the screen.
  • You can set the Settings for your IMO app according to your needs.
    WhatsApp Vs IMO: The Complete Comparison 10
  • Make groups of your friends and start talking, chatting and sharing with all of them at the same place.
  • You can see the Last Seen of your contacts.

Cons of IMO

  • Any unknown can be added automatically to your IMO contact list.
  • There is no privacy for Last Seen of yours
  • You can’t send your location or contact with IMO.
  • It’s audio, video calling screen is so boring and gets jammed mostly if you try to start or end any call.


So now after above discussion, I would like you to use any App which you find more suitable and useful.

As WhatsApp is an old app, it has upgraded so much now and its features are more than the IMO. WhatsApp was first used for messaging App that’s why its messaging feature is very fast and strong. And you can share more stuff with your friends than IMO.

IMO is new App it needs more improvement and new features. IMO is famous for its Video and Audio calling. And IMO needs to improve its interface too.

Let’s have a comparison table for quick feature review of both Apps.

Comparison Table

WhatsApp Vs IMO: The Complete Comparison 11

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  • MM

    If i am posting any chat to any friend, once i close the app, it disappeared. Even when i open chat window of that friend, no chat history available – this is for IMO. Please help

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