3 Ways To Disable Windows Updates In Windows 10

Microsoft is making it difficult to disable Windows 10 updates. There is no direct way to disable Windows updates like it was an option in previous versions of Windows. Although this can be a good option for individual users, enterprises and businesses find it very difficult to cope with this setting due to various reasons. In Windows 10 there is a time schedule for updating windows. You may set a specific time and on that time, windows updates will be installed on your system.

Let’s discuss some methods by which we can disable Windows updates in Windows 10.

From Services

There is a way through the control panel to directly stop updates from being installed, go to “control panel” search for “administrative tools”. and there you can see the “services”


Open Services and select “windows update” from the list and open it.


When you open the tab “windows update”, it will show you a screen, there are option for window update to install manually, automatic or disables. Select what you want with your updates. Do you want them to be updated on your system?


Negative effects of stopping updates from control panel

This may sometimes cause some bad effects. Because when user disable the updates. This means all updates will be disabled from being installed. As all updates are not unnecessary. There might be some that are important for user and system to install. However, this option will lead to all updates being stopped from being installed. So this effects negatively. That’s why user needs an alternate solution for this problem. I don’t recommend you to “disable” it. If your computer is fine with background updates and no slow processing occurs. Make the updates to download. If it is creating a problem then you can use the below alternative methods

Disable Windows Update by tweaking Network Connection

You can also disable auto updates through “setting your connection metered”. Go to settings-> network & internet->Wi-Fi

Click on your connected Wi-Fi connection and click to “advanced option”. There, you will see the “metered option”. Click on it, to make that option enable.this option will not download the update automatically and will help you if your data plan is limited.



Using Windows 10 Update Disabler

There is a program that is “Window 10 Updater Disabler”. This program will allow users to easily turn off or on the Windows update. This is a service that runs in the background and disables updates from being installed.

Download Windows Updates disabler for Windows 10

You’ll get a zip folder. Extract it to get exe file. Now open “cmd” and open that file path where you download the Updater Disabler.

E.g. cd c:\users\user name\downloads\updaterdisabler. When you reach into the required folder type the command “updaterdisabler.exe –install” .then you’ll get the following output. This will indicate the installation of “windows updater disabler”.


Once again you can go to administrative tool and click on services to check if this service is available there or not now.


Now your system won’t install any updates. If you try to do this, you’ll get an error.

Uninstall Windows Updates Disabler

In case you want to install any important updates, you can uninstall this by repeating the process of installation. Just simply open cmd and reach the path where “updater disabler” is placed.

Now write the command “updatedisabler.exe -remove”.


Now it is uninstall from your system and you can download any required update.

I hope this article will provide you with complete guidance on how to stop windows 10 from getting auto updates. Just follow above any method you’ll have good experience and will not get any difficulty again regarding auto-update of Windows.

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  1. I disabled the Windows Update and Update Medic Service but when I try to Re-enable it I get the message that “access is denied”.

    How can I reactivate Updating?

  2. I have been tried a lot in Disable Windows Updates In Windows 10 but I failed. through this post, I can easily disable window updates. Nice ways mention in this post to disable this. keep posting such type information.


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