3 Ways to Disable/Block your Internet Connection Temporarily

If you want to disable Internet connectivity for some time or on some events, you can easily do it manually or by using some third party tools. Switching off the access to the Internet can give you benefits because no one can use your System for any bad purpose. Or if you hand over your laptop to your kids, No Internet Access may be useful for you so that you are sure that your kid isn’t using the Internet for any inappropriate reason. Let’s see how to stop the Internet temporarily and re-enable it quickly.


Disabling Firewall Access for Windows Programs

You can disable few programs from connecting to the Internet. Because there are some programs which are private for you and you don’t want that anyone can get through them and use those programs. So here is the way to disable the Internet Connectivity for those particular programs.

First of all, open Control Panel and go to System and Security and then Windows Firewall.  Here in the left-hand window, you’ll find an option for “allow an app or feature through Windows firewall” open it.

You can see a list of all programs which are using Windows firewall, you can uncheck the box of each program for which you do not want the Windows Firewall access. I uncheck the checkbox of Mozilla Firefox just to show you how it works.

Now I’ll open the Firefox browser and type any URL, you’ll see that it is not opening for me and give the message for no internet access.

Disabling your Connection

The Internet Connection you are using can be disconnected manually for how long you want it to disconnect, from going to Control Panel and you can enable it again when you need it to enable.

Go to Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center and from the left hand window open the Network Adapter Settings.

And chose your connection to which you are connected, open it and there you’ll see its properties and status. Click on “Disable” to make it disable. Now your System will be disabled from Internet Access. You can again enable it by going to the same location and double click on your connection. It will shortly get enabled for you.

Third Party Tool

Net Disabler

If you don’t like to do many steps manually to make your Internet Access stop temporarily, you can do it easily by using the Third-Party tool. Net Disabler fulfills your need for this. The Netdibsaler is a free tool to disable Internet Connectivity for Microsoft Services. Its 32bit and 64bit, both versions are available for your Windows.

On its start up, the window of Net Disabler will show you 3 options that how you want to disable your Internet Connection. Select any one of them, which will be best for you. And click on “Apply Settings” after selecting an option.

And do the same for restoring the Internet Access, uncheck the check box and hit the button of “Apply Settings”. You’ll again have the Internet Access on your System

The menu option of Net disabler has other options. The Network Adapters can be viewed in the Menu. You can set the password if you want to stop access to your App of some unauthorized service. The Device Manager and Firewall Settings are also there for you in the Menu of Net Disabler.

It is compatible with almost every version of Windows.

Download Net Disabler from here

Use any method you’ll find easy and best to stop access on the Internet for some time. It is very easy to stop Internet Connectivity and get back whenever you need it back.

So which method you will prefer to block the Internet Access temporarily?

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