Enable Disable JavaScript on Browsers

How To Enable Or Disable JavaScript In Browsers (Chrome, Edge Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi)

JavaScript controls how the content of a website behaves. This can be annoying and distracting. Disable JavaScript on all or…

PDFs in Browsers Chrome Edge Firefox Opera Vivaldi

How To Open PDF Files In Your Preferred Browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi)

You can configure each web browser individually whether to open or download PDF files. Moreover, you can also choose whether…

Google Chrome Homepage Startup Pages Windows mac iOS Android

How To Set The Homepage And Startup Pages In Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)

To set your homepage in Chrome, go to Settings >> Appearance >> Show home button >> Enter custom web address.…

Google Chrome Generic

Download Google Chrome 107 With HEVC Hardware Decoding And Improved Screen Sharing Capabilities

This update addresses 14 security vulnerabilities and 188 bug fixes. It does not include any significant end-user features but makes…

Google Chrome 106

Download Google Chrome 106 With Translate Highlighted Text And Built-In RSS Reader

This update fixes 20 security flaws, of which five are high and eight are medium risk.



If you’re facing the ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome, don’t worry! This guide walks through the steps to fix the issue and…

Google Chrome Generic

Download Google Chrome 105 With Goodies For Developers

Chrome 105 includes some new features for the developers, which will eventually impact the end-user experience. The primary focus of…

Google Chrome Generic

Download Google Chrome 104 With Region Capture And Security Fixes

Google has released a newer version of its browser Google Chrome and has now upgraded it to build 104.0.5112.81. This…

Google Chrome Generic

Download Google Chrome 103 With Faster Page Loading

As anticipated, Google has released another update to their prodigy web browser; the Google Chrome 103.0.5060.53. The update does not…

Stop Google Chrome from blocking downloads

How To Stop Google Chrome From Blocking Downloads

The internet today is filled with malicious content. Even the most legitimate websites can be hacked and viruses can be…