Firefox Generic

Download Mozilla Firefox 113 + 102.11 ESR With Improved Picture-In-Picture & Built-In Password Generator

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most loved web browsers amongst Chrome and Edge. Mozilla releases a Firefox

How To Fix Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked On Any Browser

How To Fix “Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked” On Any Browser

Your public IP address may be blocked by a server or a website if it detects malicious activity,

How To Reset Browsers To Default Settings

How To Reset Browsers To Default Settings

Resetting a browser often fixes issues, thus you do not have to reinstall it. Moreover, your information like

How To Download Magnet Link Files In Any Browser

How To Open And Download Magnet Links Using Any Browser

Magnet links can be opened in torrent client software without having to download the actual torrent file. However,

Clear Cookies

What Are Cookies And How To Clear Them On Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi Web Browsers

Cookies can be used to observe and track your movement, and hack your data on the internet. Learn

Enable Disable JavaScript on Browsers

How To Enable Or Disable JavaScript In Browsers (Chrome, Edge Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi)

JavaScript controls how the content of a website behaves. This can be annoying and distracting. Disable JavaScript on

PDFs in Browsers Chrome Edge Firefox Opera Vivaldi

How To Open PDF Files In Your Preferred Browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi)

You can configure each web browser individually whether to open or download PDF files. Moreover, you can also

Firefox 106

Download Mozilla Firefox 106.0 With PDF Annotations And Welcome Setup Screen

Mozilla Firefox version 106 has been released with Firefox ESR 102.4. This update includes PDF annotations, a welcome

Firefox 105

Download Mozilla Firefox 105.0 With Performance Upgrades

Mozilla Firefox version 105.0 has been released along with Firefox 102.3 ESR. No new features have been included

Bookmarks Chrome Edge Firefox Vivaldi Opera

How To Show/Hide Bookmarks Bar in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera

A traditional bookmark is a marker that you place inside a book, so you can continue later from