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How To Turn Off Safe Search On Google Bing

How To Turn Off SafeSearch On Google, Bing

Not seeing the results you were expecting to? Here is…

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Best Windows 11 Settings For Security And Privacy

Best Windows 11 Settings For Security And Privacy

Got a new PC or performed a clean Windows installation? Here are the settings that you should change immediately to…

Nvidia Geforce 551.31 WHQL Released With Support For RTX 4080 SUPER

Ready to try out the latest and powerful Nvidia RTX 4080 SUPER GPU? You're going to need this GeForce driver…
Download AMD Adrenalin

Download AMD Adrenalin; Supports Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Play the latest gaming title "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" on your AMD hardware with this driver update.
New setup experience

Microsoft To Launch Redesigned Windows 11 Setup Experience – First Major Update After Vista

Learn how to clean install Windows 11 with the new installation experience layout by Microsoft.
How To Check And Repair Hard Disk for Bad Sectors & Errors

How To Check And Repair Hard Disk for Bad Sectors & Errors

Fix the bad sectors on your disk before your data becomes unrecoverable.
Microsoft Edge Generic

Microsoft Edge 121 Supports AVIF, AV1 Codecs, Adds Typo Protection Policies

Now open AV1 and AVIF files directly in Microsoft Edge with native support and new policies for administrators.

Nvidia Game Ready Graphics Driver 551.23 Supports RTX 4070 Ti Super, Tekken 8, And More

The latest gaming titles for January 2024 are now supported on Nvidia devices, along with the most powerful GPU of…
Download AMD Adrenalin

AMD Adrenalin 24.1.1 WHQL Supports Tekken 8, Radeon RX 7600 XT, And Ends Support For AMD Link

Play the latest game titles with added frames for a fluid gaming experience with AMD Adrenalin 24.1.1 graphics driver.
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