Rise Of Nations Screen Flickering Problem On Windows 10

Rise of Nations is one of the best Microsoft strategy game from the early 2000. It simulates the human history where players have to build economy and military and expand their territories to be the leader of the world. Today its very difficult to buy a legal copy of Rise of Nations. But fortunately, Steam has published Rise of Nations from where you can download and play the game. It’s a multi-player game which can be played on a local network as well as on the Internet.

I still play Rise of Nations. One problem that I encountered when I upgraded to Windows 10 was that the screen would start flickering after starting the game and introduction videos. After searching the Internet and doing different experiments, I finally fixed the problem.

I am documenting the solution here so that the users who are still in love with Rise of Nations can play it on Windows 10 without any problem.


  1. Open the following file:
    C:\­Users\­<UserName>\­AppData\­Roaming\­Microsoft Games\­Rise of Nations\­rise2.ini
  2. Change the line VSync=1 to VSync=0. This should eliminate the screen flickering. If you are still encountering flickering, go to step 3.
  3. Change the line ForceAGPVBs=0 to ForceAGPVBs=1

That’s it. Hopefully this will get rid of the flickering problem in Rise of Nations game. If ever you mess up with your rise2.ini file, here’s the default file with the above changes.

Download rise2.zip

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51 thoughts on “Rise Of Nations Screen Flickering Problem On Windows 10”

  1. Hey buddy thank you soooo much, as I was suffering with this problem. I even changed OS back to win 7, 8 to play this game. But sometimes I wanted win 10 for some other works. So unfortunately I had to install win 10 again, and I was missing RONTAP. But finally you gave me a solution and thnak you again…

  2. Pasted the .ini file with the rise.exe where the nation, patriots and thrones exe are also found but the flickering still lingers… Is there any other place I could place it?

  3. Thank you so much !! It worked like a charm. Had been trying to get rid of this darn problem for so long.

  4. I searched the whole pc but there is no such file rise2.ini . what to do . i am trying to install rise of nations on windows 10

  5. Thank you for the fix. I am a RON fan and still play the game. After I got a new computer with Windows 10 and installed RON on it, I solved the flickering problem using the technique you mentioned.

  6. its not working i did what u told to do but its still flickering problem still there so what should i do plzzz tell me im big fan of this game

  7. bosss you are awesome ….thank you sooooooooo……much
    my problem is solved on windows 10…I liked your solution its great

  8. I made the changes and my screen still flickers. I even took replaced my file with the one you posted with no change. Any other suggestions?

    • Make sure you place it in the right folder! That was my mistake..Appdata was hidden…once i found it and replaced the .ini file it worked fine!

      • downloaded the new rise.inf with the default settings but that didnt stop the flikering. What next do i do? i didnt find the Appdata in the location. What is the “right folder” that you mentioned?


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