Speed up Windows 10 by disabling Background Apps

Windows 10 comes with Windows Store which is very similar to Android Google Play store or Apple iTunes store. You can download and install different free and paid apps from the store. There are a few built-in apps which come installed with Windows 10. This includes apps like Skype, Outlook, Weather, Office, Maps, Money etc.

Like the mobile phones, Windows 10 modern apps can run in background so that the user can switch between apps without closing the currently running app first. These applications still consume CPU power and RAM space when running in background. In this article, we will discuss how these Windows 10 modern/metro apps can be enabled/disabled to run in background.


Disable Single Background App

When you are going to disable any app, be sure about it that disabling any App won’t create any problem for your Windows working and functionality.

  1. To disable any App, go to “Settings” and then select “Privacy” from the options.
  2. After opening the “Security”, scroll below the list, and find the “Background App”. Select it and its window will open to you.
  3. In right hand window, all Background apps will be shown to you. And their status is also display, whether they are “On” or “Off”. If the Apps are “On”, you can switch the button in front of each App to make it stop from being working in background.

Disable All Background Apps

Above method is to disable Apps one by one or specific Apps. But if you want to disable all background Apps without choosing them, here is the method for disabling all your Background Apps

The Power Saver mode of Windows by default disables all of your Background Apps in order to save your Battery and makes its duration long lasting. The Power Saver mode gets on when your System’s battery reaches to 20% or less.

But if you want your battery to run for long time throughout your use of System, you can enable the Power Saving Mode by yourself. Click the battery sing from your tray of System and from their select the Battery Saver. When this gets on, all of your background Apps will disable automatically. And you can use your System in faster mode and with long duration battery timing.

So disable unimportant and unnecessary Background Apps and start using your Windows 10 with faster performance. Most of the Background Apps are working idly and of no use for users that’s why it’s better to disable them and make your Windows a smoother and boost up OS than before. And it is good manner to stop them in spite of deleting them permanently because you may need these Background Apps in anytime.