What Does The “Body Hash Did Not Verify” DKIM Error Mean And How To Address It

Improve your email deliverability by mitigating the DKIM check failure. Here is what you must look out for.

How To Fix “SPF Softfail Domain Does Not Designate As Permitted Sender”

If your email is being marked as spam or are getting a bounce-back email with this error in…

How To Fix “Sending Domain Does Not Pass DMARC Verification” Email Bounce Back Error

Email bounce-backs can be an issue on the sender’s end. Here is how to fix the DMARC verification…

The DNS Record Type 99 (SPF) Has Been Deprecated

What Does “The DNS Record Type 99 (SPF) Has Been Deprecated” Mean And How To Fix It

The older SPF record type has been deprecated. This is how to change it to the newer, modern…

550 SPF Check Failed

What Is The “550 SPF Check Failed” Error And How To Fix It

The problem might be at your end, and will probably need to reconfigure your SPF DNS records. Here…

What Is Email Backscatter And How To Prevent It

What Is Email Backscatter And How To Prevent It

Bulk non-delivery reports are a sign of email spoofing. Protect your domain’s name with these simple yet effective…

New Gmail Email Policy Causes Mail Is Unauthenticated Bounceback Error

New Gmail Policy Causes “Mail Is Unauthenticated” Bounceback Error – How To Fix It?

Gmail and Yahoo have updated their email deliverance policies, causing havoc in the bulk-email-sending world. Comply with their…

SPF PermError Too Many DNS Lookups When SPF Record Exceeds 10 DNS Lookup Limit

What Is The SPF “PermError Too Many DNS Lookups” And How To Fix It

Your domain’s SPF record might no need to be so big after all. Here is why the error…

Make File Explorer Faster

Speed Up Large Folder Loading Using Windows File Explorer By Disabling Automatic Folder Discovery

Is Explorer taking too long to load folders with thousands of files? Is Explore freezing? Try disabling folder…

How To Install The OpenSSH Client On Windows

How To Install The OpenSSH Client On Windows

Running commands on a Windows PC remotely? Try OpenSSH for Windows instead of RDC.

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