How To Transfer All Open Tabs Between Chrome Android and Chrome Desktop

When you’re on the move, you often require to continue your online browsing on different devices. For example, you’re in your car and browsing the web, but when you reach your office, it would be more convenient to resume your search from where you left on a bigger screen, i.e. your PC.

The situation can also be reverted when you need to leave your office and continue your search on a phone or a tablet.

In such a scenario, you can transfer all of your Google Chrome tabs between your PC and your Android device with convenience, which this post discusses.

But before we begin, there are a few setup requirements that need to be configured.

Set Up Google Account Sync

First, you must set up your Google Chrome account to be synchronized across all devices you wish to transfer your Chrome tabs on. The same account must be used to sign into Google Chrome on all devices.

Sign Into Google Chrome for Android

Perform the following steps to log into Google Chrome on an Android tablet or phone and then allow syncing:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your Android device, click the ellipses (3 dots) in the top-right corner, then click Settings.

  2. Then click Turn on sync.

    turn on sync jpg
    Turn on sync in Settings
  3. On the next screen, choose your Google account to sign in with, or enter your credentials, then click Yes, I’m in.

    yes im in jpg
    Enter account details

That’s it! You are now signed into Google Chrome with sync enabled.

sync on jpg
Synchronization enabled

Sign Into Google Chrome for PC

On a desktop/laptop computer, perform the following steps to sign into Google Chrome:

  1. On Chrome, click on the profile icon in the top-right corner, then click Turn on sync.

    desktop turn on sync
    Turn on sync in Chrome for PC
  2. Now enter your Google account credentials.

  3. If you are using an organizational account, you will be prompted to create a profile. Click Create.

    desktop create
    Create profile
  4. Next, click Yes, I’m in to turn on synchronization.

    desktop im in
    Enable synchronization

Repeat these steps on the respective devices to transfer your currently-opened tabs from one device to another. Remember to use the same Google account across all devices.

Once all devices are set up, continue with the guide given below to share open Chrome tabs between them.

Transfer All Open Tabs From Chrome Desktop To Chrome Android

Now that the devices are set up, sharing a tab from a desktop computer to an android device, or any other device for that matter, is plain and simple.

Right-click on the tab that you want to share from Chrome’s title bar, expand “Send to your devices,” then select the device you want to send it to from the list of devices currently logged in with the same Google Chrome account.

Send to device
Send tab to another device

Now other Android devices will receive a notification prompting that a tab has been shared.

Android notification of shared tab
Android notification in shared tab

Click on the notification to open the tab in Chrome.

You can now repeat the process of sharing multiple tabs from your PC onto any Android device.

Transfer All Open Tabs From Chrome Android To Chrome Desktop

There are 2 methods to move a Chrome tab from an Android device to a PC. Both of these methods require you to be signed into Google Chrome using the same Google account, as we have discussed above in this post.

By Sharing Tabs

Similar to sending a tab from a PC to an Android device, you can also send a tab from Android to a PC. Here is how:

  1. Open the tab that you want to share on your Android device, click the ellipses (3 dots) in the top-right corner, then click Share.

    Android Share jpg
    Click Share on Chrome for Android
  2. Now click Send to your devices.

    Send to your devices jpg
    Send tab to different device
  3. Now select the device you want to send it to.

    select device jpg
    Select the device to share tab with

The Android device will now send the tab to your PC. On your computer, you will see a prompt near the address bar for the shared tab. Click Open in new tab to access it.

open in new tab
Open shared tab

From Browser History

When the same Google account is synced between various devices, you can then see the browser history on all devices from any single device. The browser history not only maintains any closed tabs, but also the opened ones.

This method does not require you to perform any tasks on the Android device. Here is how to open the tabs on an Android device (or any other device) on your computer.

Open the History page in Google Chrome by pressing the CTRL + H shortcut keys. From there, switch to the Tabs from other devices section from the left menu.

tabs from other devices
Tabs from other devices

From there, you can click on any link accessed from your Android device and open it on your Chrome for desktop.

Final Thoughts

Accessing your tabs across all devices has now become easier with your Google Chrome account. Rather than spending time navigating to the same website you have already found on another device, simply resume on the same tab on another device for convenience.

This Chrome feature is especially useful if you have many tabs open on one device and want to view them on another.

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