Top 3 Windows Calculator Alternatives

The Windows Calculator app is old and boring. Try something new with advanced features and real-time data crunching.

Calculator AlternativesCalculator AlternativesCalculator Alternatives

The Windows operating system comes with many built-in apps and tools to get the different jobs done. One of these is the old and rusty Calculator app. Even though Microsoft has been updating the operating systems, and coming up with newer versions, but has failed to update the Calculator app except for its UI.

People now need to perform advanced calculations and not the same ones as they used to in high school. For example, the real world requires you to calculate taxes in percentages, convert currencies and measurements, and not calculate the mass of the sun.

There are more advanced calculation applications that can now perform real-time conversions, fetch information from the internet (like current currency conversion rates), and understand the text to perform calculations. You can use them instead of the default Calculator app in Windows OS.

Windows Calculator Alternatives



Parsify is a text calculator, which means that it understands plain text so you don’t necessarily have to use mathematical signs to perform calculations. This is an intelligent application using which you can convert measurements, currencies, and even timezones.

Parsify is connected to the internet. This way, you get the latest conversion values, for example, for currencies, and obtain the answers in real time. Along with these advanced features, you can also perform simple or scientific calculations using words instead of signs. For example, instead of using “*” to multiply, you can use “times.”

As you can see from the image above, this calculation app has no buttons, giving you a text-editor type interface. Moreover, you can also open multiple tabs simultaneously to separate your work.



NumPad is an online text-editor type calculator, which means that you can run it on any device with a web browser. It does not require any installation.

When you click on the link above and open NumPad’s website, you will come across a bunch of mathematical examples already filled in. All you need to do then is to edit the text or continue down at the bottom to perform your own complex calculations.

NumPad also supports exporting any calculations so they can be shared.

You can also convert measurements, currencies, percentages, and more. NumPad can also be used to calculate dates and the results will be displayed in real-time.

Calculator X8

Calculator X8
Calculator X8

As you can see in the image above, Calculator X8 is not a text-editor type application, but a regular calculator. It has a keypad design interface using which you can perform basic as well as scientific calculations.

Unlike the other calculator alternatives discussed above, X8 is not smart, which means you need to put in the values for conversions manually. However, this app made out top-3 list because of its intuitive interface and is a major upgrade from the boring default Windows calculator.

Uninstall Windows Calculator

If you choose to use an alternative too to Windows Calculator, then you can uninstall the app from your Windows PC. Here is how:

  1. Navigate to the following:

    Settings app >> Apps >> Apps & features
  2. Now search for “Calculator” under App list.

    Search for calculator
    Search for calculator
  3. From the search results, click on the ellipses (3 dots) in front of the default Windows Calculator app and then click Uninstall.

    Uninstall Calculator
    Uninstall Calculator
  4. Now confirm the removal.

    Confirm action
    Confirm action

The Calculator app will now be removed from your computer permanently, and you can continue to use its alternative of your choice.

If you feel like installing it in the future again, you can do so from Microsoft Store.

Closing Words

Did you know that you can also perform calculations in the Start menu? Simply type in your equation and you will see the results on the right side of the menu.

Calculations in Start menu
Calculations in the Start menu

There aren’t many smart calculators available at the moment that understand the text and are connected to the internet to perform real-time conversions. The technology is still catching on and we hope that one day voice-enabled calculators will also be here that understand complex calculations through our speech.

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