Convert Direct Download Links Into Torrents For Easier Downloading

An itechtics user asks; “My Internet connection is pretty unreliable and disconnects frequently. When I want to download any large file from the Internet, I have to restart the download again and again. To get rid of this, I have installed DownThemAll. It is good for most downloads but the problem comes again when I try to download a file which doesn’t have resume capabilities. Is there any magical way to download files easily without breaking in the middle?”

And my answer is yes ofcourse there is a way. We can convert http based direct download links into Torrents for easier downloading. Torrent files have the capability of pause and resume without breaking in between.

Burnbit – A free tool to convert download links into torrents

Burnbit is a free online service which lets you “burn” your direct download links into torrent files. The meaning of burning the download link that the file is uploaded to the torrent servers first and then the user can use his or her torrent client to download the file from the torrent servers. Let’s go through the process step by step.

  1. Copy the direct download link of the file you want to download through torrent client.
  2. Open and paste the URL in the field.
    Burning the URL
  3. Click on the Burn button.
    Processing the file
  4. This will take a few moments depending upon the size of file to be converted and the speed of the server on which the file is hosted. After that the page will refresh and you will get the .torrent file which can be started using a Bittorrent client.
    Converted file to torrent

That’s it. Once the file is turned into a torrent, you can use it anywhere. I find Burnbit service very effective and easy to use. The only issue I find here is that the user has to use the direct download links for any file to turn it into a torrent. If you don’t have the direct download link then it will not be converted.

Visit Burnbit @


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