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Enable Disable Safe Search

How To Enable/Disable SafeSearch On Device And Search Engines

SafeSearch blocks inappropriate and explicit content through search engines. Learn how to enable or disable SafeSearch in Windows,…

How to create a new microsoft account using gmail

How To Create A New Microsoft Account Using Gmail ID

Unlike Google, Microsoft allows the creation of free Microsoft ID using any email address, including Gmail, or even…

Fix Gmail bounced emails

How To Fix Gmail Rejected/ Bounced Emails

If you are reading this, likely, you are occasionally experiencing more and more rejected or bounced outgoing emails…

Two factor authentication Microsoft Account

How to Turn On Two-Factor Authentication on Microsoft Account

Two-factor authentication (also known as “2FA,” “two-step verification” and “multi-factor authentication”) is an additional security layer for your…


Convert DMG to ISO on Windows, Mac, Linux and Online

Both DMG and ISO files are image files used to compress and archive one or multiple files. However,…


How to Bypass CAPTCHA And reCAPTCHA On The Web

Although CAPTCHAs are good for security, many users find CAPTCHAs to be annoying. Time is wasted on them,…

Fix Google Unusual Traffic message

How to Fix “Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network” Error While Searching Google

While performing searches on Google, you may have come across the prompt “Our systems have detected unusual traffic…

Get 5TB OneDrive Storage for Free

How To Get Free 5TB OneDrive Storage For Lifetime

Expand your OneDrive storage to 5 Terabytes absolutely free, that too for a lifetime!

Download Google Drive For Desktop Windows And Mac

Google Drive for Desktop – Download and Install Guide

Google Drive for desktop lets you easily manage your cloud storage space through a dedicated app. Install it…

Create Progressive Web App PWA of any website on Windows 10

Create Progressive Web App (PWA) of any website on Windows 10 (Including Youtube, Facebook)

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs provide a native application rich experience to the users. They can be installed…

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