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Microsoft has released Windows PowerShell 7.2 Preview 5, bringing in a few changes and fixes to the command line. You can download and install this release on your device using the given guide down below. In any case, since this is a preview version, we would advise avoiding using it in a live production environment… Read more

Microsoft has released PowerShell 7.2 Preview 4 on Github. If you are a geek and want to use the new functionality, you may install this update on your computer. But since it is a preview release, it should not be installed in a production environment. Windows PowerShell is a powerful tool in a Windows environment… Read more

After the last minor update, Microsoft released PowerShell 7.1.3. While the latest Preview version remains PowerShell 7.2 Preview 3, you can now download the latest stable version of PowerShell 7.1.3 (and 7.0.6 for LTS versions). There are not many changes in this‌ ‌release. We will discuss the changelog in the next section. If you are… Read more

Windows PowerShell is a powerful tool to automate tasks and perform general maintenance routines on a computer. It is especially useful for power users as it allows them to be productive and perform tasks faster than by only using the graphical interface. Having said that, the commands used in PowerShell can be tricky, lengthy, and… Read more

Windows 10 provides the following CLIs: Command Prompt and PowerShell. Windows PowerShell is a powerful tool for users to install and manage Windows, troubleshoot problems, and do advanced configuration. PowerShell can also be used to automate tasks and perform tasks that would normally take a long time to complete in a graphic user interface. Sometimes… Read more

Microsoft has released another preview update for PowerShell 7.2. This is the PowerShell 7.2 Preview 3. Microsoft seems to be actively working on PowerShell Core as just a month ago PowerShell 7.2 Preview 2 was released. Although this release, as well as the previous one, is based on .NET 5, Microsoft claims that the stable… Read more