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Windows Resource Monitor gives an overview of how much network bandwidth each application is consuming. These are basic stats and limited to that particular session. If you are concerned about which applications in your computer are taking the most Internet bandwidth, you should check this article. In this article, we will talk about the tools… Read more

RAM is one of the most crucial factors influencing the speed of your computer. When you notice that your system is running slowly even though you are using a good system and a fast SSD drive, you should probably examine the amount of RAM in your system. What is RAM memory? Random Access Memory, or… Read more

Windows 10 Creators Update comes with a new feature which can prevent installation of any third-party desktop app not verified from Microsoft. If you have sensitive data on your machine and do not want to install any third-party apps on your system because contents or programs downloaded from the internet may contain any malicious or… Read more

Windows Photo Viewer is the built-in app for viewing your photos in Windows. Almost all formats of images are supported by Windows Photo Viewer. But in Windows 10, Microsoft has confused its users by providing another photo viewer called Photos, which is not liked by users as they are used to with Windows Photo Viewer… Read more

There are few useful options to shutdown a computer. These options include Shutdown, sleep and hibernate. Each shutdown type has its own advantages and disadvantages. While Shutdown and Sleep are enabled by default in Windows 10, the user has to enable hibernate option to use it. While shutdown option brings powers off the system safely and… Read more

The Internet is the basic need for every user now. In your family, every member must be using the Internet for different purposes on their devices. Every material and content are available on the internet related to every class. Some are suitable and some are not for young users of your family. If you want… Read more

ReFS, Resilient File System, is a new file system which was added in Windows 8 and now available for Windows 8 and later. Basically, it is a local file system and has many features for Windows users. It is designed to prioritize the data Availability. and if corruption occurs the online salvage process localized requiring no… Read more