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What Is AcroTray And How To Disable It

What Is AcroTray And How To Disable It

AcroTray is an extension of the Adobe Acrobat software and is a legitimate process. However, you can safely…

NVIDIA Low Latency Mode

How To Use NVIDIA Low Latency Mode for Better Gaming Performance

With NVIDIA low latency mode, you can experience a smoother, faster gaming experience than ever before. Use NVIDIA…


How To View Dropbox Event And Activity Logs

Dropbox stores both activity and event log on its servers. You can view them using your Windows app…

Disk Imaging Backup Software

8 Best Disk Imaging and Backup Software For Windows

Digital data is considered the most important part of the modern digital world. That is why data recovery…

Monitor calibration

Top 5 Monitor Calibration Tools To Use In 2023

Adjusting your monitor’s contrast, color balance, gamma, and brightness is important in attaining colors closest to reality. Use…

Phone Link

What Is PhoneExperienceHost.EXE (Phone Link) And How To Disable It

The PhoneExperienceHost.exe is a legitimate process linked to the Phone Link app, but can also be disguised as…

Calculator Alternatives

Top 3 Windows Calculator Alternatives

The Windows Calculator app is old and boring. Try something new with advanced features and real-time data crunching.

HP Software Framework Is Not Installed In The System Fix

How To Fix “HP Software Framework Is Not Installed In The System” Error

The function (Fn) key and the hotkeys on your keyboard are dependent upon the “HP Software Framework” on…

VLC Media Player Picture in Picture

How To Enable Picture In Picture (PIP) Mode In VLC Media Player (Windows, Mac, Android)

The VLC Media Player has a Picture-in-Picture mode that can help you perform important tasks all while watching…

Logitech G Hub Download

Download Logitech G Hub

Into computer gaming? Logitech G Hub can help you get better at it. Download and install G Hub…