Keyboard Not Working Properly After Update from Microsoft Windows 10

When you update the Windows 10 to latest version, sometimes the keyboard won’t work or gets jammed or won’t work properly. This is due to the reason that the latest update which you install, can cause the error and affects your System functionality and that’s why your Keyboard stops working properly.

In this tutorial, I am providing you the solutions so that you may have access back to your Keyboard properly. And I hope after applying the solutions, your Keyboard will again work properly.

Uninstall Latest Downloaded Update

The first thing you can do is to uninstall the latest update, because there is a chance that the latest update is causing the issue because in some cases, the update may not work properly as you were expecting from it.

Go to Control Panel –> Programs and Features and go to “View the installed updates”.


Now here is the list of all recent updates installed on your System. So go to latest one and uninstall the update by right clicking the particular update. After uninstalling, Reboot your System and I hope that your Keyboard starts working properly again.

If this won’t solve your problem, go to the next solution.

Install the Keyboard Driver

The Keyboard may stop working due to the driver issue. So update your Keyboard driver manually to fix the issue.Go to Start Menu and type Device Manager. And find the Keyboard from the list. And expand it. Right click on its driver and select the option for ”update the driver”.

Go to Start Menu and type Device Manager. And find the Keyboard from the list. And expand it. Right click on its driver and select the option for ”update the driver”.

And two options will appear, go to the second one and click on it.

Now select the “Let me pick …” option available at the bottom of the window. Click Next to go further.

You will now have the list of compatible drivers for your Keyboard device. Select it and click on Next button.

Now it will take a few seconds to install the driver. You’ll get the confirmation window about successful driver installation. Restart your System after installing the driver.

You may also want to disable driver updates in Windows 10 so that all the drivers keep on running without problems or even take a backup of your currently installed device drivers in Windows 10.

Turn Off Filter Keys

Disabling the Filter Keys feature can also make your Keyboard work properly. Filter Keys are used to ignore the repeated keystrokes. Or in a simple way, while doing some work, you enter the same key twice or thrice but you only need it once, so Filter Key won’t happen it and write only single times.

The enabling of this feature can also lead the inappropriate functioning of your Keyboard. So disable it by going to “Control Panel/Ease of Access/Ease of Access Center/Make the keyboard easier to use”.

Now in the list, you can see the option for “Filter Keys”. So, uncheck the Checkbox of Filter Keys. Close all the windows. Restart your System and hopefully, your problem will be gone.

Go with any above suitable solution of your choice and have the proper working of your Keyboard back. Comment below if you have any question.

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