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Java 8 Offline Installers

Download Java 8 Update 361 (Offline Installers)

Java 8 Update 361 was released on 17th January 2023. This is a Critical Patch Update which includes 372 security updates amongst other changes and fixes. Download Java/JDK offline setup…..


Download Latest Nvidia GeForce 528.24 Studio WHQL Driver

The GeForce Studio drivers are rarely updated. This is because they focus more on fixes, reliability, and performance gains for GPU-heavy tasks, like graphics rendering. Download the latest Nvidia GeForce…..

Intel GPU Graphic Driver Update Generic

Download Intel Graphics DCH Driver (Offline Installers) With Raptor Lake Support

The Intel graphics driver only brings one update which is the support for Intel’s 13th-generation (Raptor Lake) CPUs. Download the drivers from this post to run the latest processors…..

Java 8 Offline Installers

Download Java 8 Update 333 Offline Installers

Oracle recently released Java 8 Update 333, which includes 520 security patches across its different product families. With that, this release is part of the Critical Patch Update, which means…..

Download and install OpenJDK 11 on Windows 10

Download and Install OpenJDK 11 on Windows 10

Microsoft has released a preview version of OpenJDK version OpenJDK is a free-to-use open-source Java platform for developers to deploy on almost every OS. Microsoft states that this is…..

Download Avast 2019 Free Antivirus + Internet Security + Premier)

Avast 2019 is available for users to download and stay protected and secure with Avast advanced protection features and services. It is not only a single product, but Avast also…..

3 Ways To Enable Disable Ctrl Alt Del Secure Sign In Screen On Windows 11 10

3 Ways To Enable, Disable CTRL + ALT + DEL Secure Sign-In Screen On Windows 11, 10

Windows 11/10 has the Secure Sign-in screen disabled, whereas it is enabled on Windows Servers by default. It reduces the risk of cyber threats by requiring physical access to the…..

Download iTunes 12 12 6 For Windows

Download iTunes (Offline Installers)

iTunes is Apple’s proprietary software for macOS and Windows. It is not just a music player, but a multifunctional platform used to manage Apple devices and much more. Download the…..

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