Farzeen Qureshi

Farzeen Qureshi is an engineer specializing in mechatronics and control systems. She is well versed in various fields, including electrical, mechanical, computer, and robotics.

configure default apps featured

4 Ways To Set Default Apps Properly in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with default app settings that can be used to choose default apps for opening specific…

Adjust screen brightness in Windows 10

5 ways to Change Brightness On Windows 10 Screen

The brightness of the screen is an important factor in working on any electronic device. Most modern devices,…

Windows 10 Clipboard history

4 ways to Enable and View Windows 10 Clipboard history

Windows 10 clipboard history is a feature that allows users to see a list of items that they…

KB4550945 Ready To Install 1

Download And Install KB4550945 Windows 10 Cumulative update To Fix Windows Upgrade Issues

Microsoft continues with its release update stint by releasing a new optional cumulative update KB4550945 after the April’s…

Flash Player not working

9 Easy Ways To Fix Flash player not working in chrome

If you are having issues with Flash Player not working in Chrome (or any other browser), we have…

Installing Java

Download and Install Java 8 Update 251

Oracle released its April Critical Security Updates (CFU) for all its products, including Java. A total of 397…

Windows 10 Startup Folder

How to Open Windows 10 Startup Folder Location [User Specific And Global]

The startup folder is a special folder in Windows 10. Windows executes all the applications inside that folder…

Cloud gaming

10 Best Cloud Gaming Services To Play Games Without A Powerful PC

Cloud Gaming is becoming popular around the globe because of having several advantages. You can easily access any…

3 2

The Complete Guide To Windows 10 Themes

Windows 10 themes are used to personalize your PC according to your taste and customize different visual aspects…

Showing all notifications in Windows 10

3 Ways To Enable/Disable Focus Assist In Windows 10

Focus Assist is a feature to manage and avoid distracting notifications on Windows 10. Focus Assist is activated…

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