Complete List Of Windows URI Commands For Settings App And Microsoft Store

List of URI for WindowsList of URI for Windows

The Windows Settings app is gaining popularity, as Microsoft is focused on shifting all controls from the Control Panel to this new user-friendly app. The app has many categories, and each has more than a dozen pages to manage the different Windows settings. These individual pages can be accessed from the command line by using a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

This article lists down the complete range of URI commands you can use to open a specific Settings page or a Microsoft Store page.

Why Use URI Commands

Some users may find it more convenient to open a specific Settings page using a simple cmdlet, rather than navigating through the app and spending time looking for the page. The given cmdlets can be used to open a specific page through the Run dialog box (Windows Key + R) and also the Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell.

Note: The URIs given below need to be prefixed with “start” to be used in Command Prompt and PowerShell.

Furthermore, if you are a developer and create an app, these URIs can be used in your code to perform certain actions. Microsoft gives an example of this in this piece of XAML code, where a URI hyperlink is used to launch the privacy settings page for the microphone using ms-settings:privacy-microphone:

<!--Set Visibility to Visible when access to the microphone is denied -->
<TextBlock x:Name="LocationDisabledMessage" FontStyle="Italic"
                 Visibility="Collapsed" Margin="0,15,0,0" TextWrapping="Wrap" >
          <Run Text="This app is not able to access the microphone. Go to " />
              <Hyperlink NavigateUri="ms-settings:privacy-microphone">
                  <Run Text="Settings" />
          <Run Text=" to check the microphone privacy settings."/>

Below you will find a complete list of URIs you can use for Windows 11 and Windows 10.

List of Windows URI Commands for Settings App

We have divided the URIs for the settings app into categories as per the categories in the Settings app. You will also find information on which operating system the URI is valid for.

Complete List of Settings URI

CategoryOperating SystemSettings pageURI Command
Windows 10, 11Settings home pagems-settings:
Windows 10, 11Displayms-settings:display
Windows 10, 11Night light settingsms-settings:nightlightms-settings:batterysaver
(Devices with battery only)
Windows 10, 11Advanced scaling settingsms-settings:display-advanced
(Only on supported devices)
Windows 10, 11Connect to a wireless displayms-settings-connectabledevices:devicediscovery
Windows 10, 11Graphics settingsms-settings:display-advancedgraphics
Windows 10, 11Soundms-settings:sound
Windows 10, 11Manage sound devicesms-settings:sound-devices
Windows 10, 11App volume and device preferencesms-settings:apps-volume
Windows 10, 11Notifications & actionsms-settings:notifications
Windows 10, 11Focus assistms-settings:quiethours
Windows 10, 11During these hoursms-settings:quietmomentsscheduled
Windows 10, 11Duplicating my displayms-settings:quietmomentspresentation
(When duplicating display)
Windows 10, 11Playing a game full screenms-settings:quietmomentsgame
(When playing a game)
Windows 10, 11Power & sleepms-settings:powersleep
Windows 10, 11Batteryms-settings:batterysaver
(Devices with battery only)
Windows 10, 11See which apps are affecting your battery life ms-settings:batterysaver-usagedetails
(Devices with battery only)
Windows 10, 11Battery Saver settingsms-settings:batterysaver-settings
(Devices with battery only)
Windows 10, 11Storagems-settings:storagesense
Windows 10, 11Configure Storage Sense or run it nowms-settings:storagepolicies
Windows 10, 11Change where new content is savedms-settings:savelocations
Windows 10Tabletms-settings:tabletmode
Windows 10, 11Multitaskingms-settings:multitasking
Windows 10, 11Projecting to this PCms-settings:project
Windows 10, 11Shared experiencesms-settings:crossdevice
Windows 10, 11Clipboard (build 17666)ms-settings:clipboard
Windows 10, 11Remote Desktopms-settings:remotedesktop
Windows 10, 11Device Encryption (if available)ms-settings:deviceencryption
Windows 10, 11Aboutms-settings:about
Devices/ Bluetooth and Devices
Windows 10, 11Bluetooth & other devicesms-settings:bluetooth
Windows 10, 11Printers & scannersms-settings:printers
Windows 10, 11Mousems-settings:mousetouchpad
Windows 10, 11Touchpadms-settings:devices-touchpad
(Devices with touchpad only)
Windows 10, 11Typingms-settings:typing
Windows 10, 11Hardware keyboard – Text suggestionsms-settings:devicestyping-hwkbtextsuggestions
Windows 10Wheelms-settings:wheel
(Only available if Dial is paired)Windows 10, 11Pen & Windows Inkms-settings:penWindows 10, 11AutoPlayms-settings:autoplayWindows 10, 11USBms-settings:usbWindows 10 v1803 and beforeDefault Camerams-settings:cameraWindows 11Your Phonems-settings:mobile-devicesPhone (Windows 10 Only)Windows 10 v1803 and beforePhone/ Your Phone (Windows 11)ms-settings:mobile-devicesWindows 10 v1803 and beforeAdd a phone/ Your Phone (Windows 11)ms-settings:mobile-devices-addphoneWindows 10 v1803 and beforeYour Phone (opens app)/ Your Phone (Windows 11)ms-settings:mobile-devices-addphone-directNetwork & Internetms-settings:networkWindows 10, 11Statusms-settings:network-statusWindows 10, 11Data usagems-settings:datausageWindows 10, 11Show available networksms-availablenetworks:Windows 10, 11Cellular & SIMms-settings:network-cellularWindows 10, 11Wi-Fims-settings:network-wifi
(Only if Wi-Fi adapter is available)
Windows 10, 11Show available networksms-availablenetworks:
Windows 10, 11Manage known networksms-settings:network-wifisettings
Windows 10, 11Wi-Fi Callingms-settings:network-wificalling
Windows 10, 11Ethernetms-settings:network-ethernet
Windows 10, 11Dial-upms-settings:network-dialup
Windows 10, 11DirectAccessms-settings:network-directaccess
(Only if DirectAccess is enabled)
Windows 10, 11VPNms-settings:network-vpn
Windows 10, 11Airplane modems-settings:network-airplanemode
Windows 10, 11Mobile hotspotms-settings:network-mobilehotspot
Windows 10, 11NFCms-settings:nfctransactions
(If device supports)
Windows 10, 11Proxyms-settings:network-proxy
Windows 10, 11Backgroundms-settings:personalization-background
Windows 10, 11Colorsms-settings:personalization-colors
Windows 10, 11Lock screenms-settings:lockscreen
Windows 10, 11Themesms-settings:themes
Windows 10, 11Fontsms-settings:fonts
Windows 10, 11Startms-settings:personalization-start
Windows 10, 11Choose which folders appear on Startms-settings:personalization-start-places
Windows 10, 11Taskbarms-settings:taskbar
Windows 10 v1803 and beforeGlancems-settings:personalization-glance
Windows 10 v1803 and beforeNavigation barms-settings:personalization-navbar
Windows 10, 11Apps & featuresms-settings:appsfeatures
Windows 10, 11Manage optional featuresms-settings:optionalfeatures
Windows 10, 11Default appsms-settings:defaultapps
Windows 10, 11Offline mapsms-settings:maps
Windows 10, 11Download mapsms-settings:maps-downloadmaps
Windows 10, 11Apps for websitesms-settings:appsforwebsites
Windows 10, 11Video playback (build 16215)ms-settings:videoplayback
Windows 10, 11Startupms-settings:startupapps
Windows 10, 11Your infoms-settings:yourinfo
Windows 10, 11Email & accountsms-settings:emailandaccounts
Windows 10, 11Sign-in optionsms-settings:signinoptions
Windows 10, 11Windows Hello face setupms-settings:signinoptions-launchfaceenrollment
Windows 10, 11Windows Hello fingerprint setupms-settings:signinoptions-launchfingerprintenrollment
Windows 10, 11Security Key setupms-settings:signinoptions-launchsecuritykeyenrollment
Windows 10, 11Dynamic Lockms-settings:signinoptions-dynamiclock
Windows 10, 11Access work or schoolms-settings:workplace
Windows 10, 11Family & other usersms-settings:otherusers
Windows 10, 11Family Groupms-settings:family-group
Windows 10, 11Set up a kioskms-settings:assignedaccess
Windows 10, 11Sync your settings/ Windows Backup (Windows 11)ms-settings:sync
Time & Language
Windows 10, 11Date & timems-settings:dateandtime
Windows 10, 11Region
Windows 10, 11Japan IME settingsms-settings:regionlanguage-jpnime
(If Microsoft Japan IME is installed)
Windows 10, 11Pinyin IME settingsms-settings:regionlanguage-chsime-pinyin
(If Microsoft Pinyin IME is installed)
Windows 10, 11Wubi IME settingsms-settings:regionlanguage-chsime-wubi
(If Microsoft Wubi IME is installed)
Windows 10, 11Languagems-settings:regionlanguage
Windows 10, 11Windows display languagems-settings:regionlanguage-setdisplaylanguage
Windows 10, 11Add Display languagems-settings:regionlanguage-adddisplaylanguage
Windows 10, 11Speechms-settings:speech
Windows 10, 11Xbox Game barms-settings:gaming-gamebar
Windows 10, 11Capturesms-settings:gaming-gamedvr
Windows 10, 11Game Modems-settings:gaming-gamemode
Windows 10 v1803 and beforeTruePlayms-settings:gaming-trueplay
Ease of Access
Windows 10, 11Displayms-settings:easeofaccess-display
Windows 10Mouse pointerms-settings:easeofaccess-cursorandpointersize
Windows 10, 11Text cursorms-settings:easeofaccess-cursor
Windows 10, 11Magnifierms-settings:easeofaccess-magnifier
Windows 10, 11Color Filtersms-settings:easeofaccess-colorfilter
Windows 10, 11High Contrastms-settings:easeofaccess-highcontrast
Windows 10, 11Narratorms-settings:easeofaccess-narrator
Windows 10, 11Start Narrator after sign-in for mems-settings:easeofaccess-narrator-isautostartenabled
Windows 10, 11Audioms-settings:easeofaccess-audio
Windows 10, 11Closed captionsms-settings:easeofaccess-closedcaptioning
Windows 10, 11Speechms-settings:easeofaccess-speechrecognition
Windows 10, 11Keyboardms-settings:easeofaccess-keyboard
Windows 10, 11Mousems-settings:easeofaccess-mouse
Windows 10, 11Eye Controlms-settings:easeofaccess-eyecontrol
Windows 11Visual Effectsms-settings:easeofaccess-visualeffects
Privacy/Privacy and Securityms-settings:privacy
Windows 10 v1803 and beforeAccessory appsms-settings:privacy-accessoryapps
Windows 10 v1803 and beforeAdvertising IDms-settings:privacy-advertisingid
Windows 10, 11Generalms-settings:privacy
Windows 10, 11Speechms-settings:privacy-speech
Windows 10, 11Inking & typing personalizationms-settings:privacy-speechtyping
Windows 10, 11Diagnostics & feedbackms-settings:privacy-feedback
Windows 10, 11View diagnostic datams-settings:privacy-feedback-telemetryviewergroup
Windows 10, 11Activity historyms-settings:privacy-activityhistory
Windows 10, 11Locationms-settings:privacy-location
Windows 10, 11Camerams-settings:privacy-webcam
Windows 10, 11Microphonems-settings:privacy-microphone
Windows 10, 11Voice activationms-settings:privacy-voiceactivation
Windows 10, 11Notificationsms-settings:privacy-notifications
Windows 10, 11Account infoms-settings:privacy-accountinfo
Windows 10, 11Contactsms-settings:privacy-contacts
Windows 10, 11Calendarms-settings:privacy-calendar
Windows 10, 11Phone callsms-settings:privacy-phonecalls
Windows 10, 11Call historyms-settings:privacy-callhistory
Windows 10, 11Emailms-settings:privacy-email
Windows 10, 11Eye trackerms-settings:privacy-eyetracker
(Requires eyetracker hardware)
Windows 10, 11Tasksms-settings:privacy-tasks
Windows 10, 11Messagingms-settings:privacy-messaging
Windows 10, 11Radiosms-settings:privacy-radios
Windows 10, 11Other devicesms-settings:privacy-customdevices
Windows 10, 11Background appsms-settings:privacy-backgroundapps
Windows 10, 11App diagnosticsms-settings:privacy-appdiagnostics
Windows 10, 11Automatic file downloadsms-settings:privacy-automaticfiledownloads
Windows 10, 11Documentsms-settings:privacy-documents
Windows 10, 11Downloads folderms-settings:privacy-downloadsfolder
Windows 10, 11Picturesms-settings:privacy-pictures
Windows 10, 11Videosms-settings:privacy-documents
Windows 10, 11File systemms-settings:privacy-broadfilesystemaccess
Update & Security/ Windows Updatems-settings:windowsupdate
Windows 10, 11Windows Updatems-settings:windowsupdate
Windows 10, 11Check for updatesms-settings:windowsupdate-action
Windows 10, 11View optional updatesms-settings:windowsupdate-optionalupdates
Windows 10, 11Change active hoursms-settings:windowsupdate-activehours
Windows 10, 11View update historyms-settings:windowsupdate-history
Windows 10, 11Restart optionsms-settings:windowsupdate-restartoptions
Windows 10, 11Advanced optionsms-settings:windowsupdate-options
Windows 10, 11Delivery Optimizationms-settings:delivery-optimization
Windows 10, 11Windows Securityms-settings:windowsdefender
Windows 10, 11Open Windows Securitywindowsdefender:
Windows 10, 11Backupms-settings:backup
Windows 10, 11Troubleshootms-settings:troubleshoot
Windows 10, 11Recoveryms-settings:recovery
Windows 10, 11Activationms-settings:activation
Windows 10, 11Find My Devicems-settings:findmydevice
Windows 10, 11For developersms-settings:developers
Windows 10, 11Windows Insider Programms-settings:windowsinsider
(Only if enrolled)
Mixed Reality (If app is installed)ms-settings:holographic
Windows 10, 11Audio and speechms-settings:holographic-audio
Windows 10, 11Environmentms-settings:privacy-holographic-environment
Windows 10, 11Headset displayms-settings:holographic-headset
Windows 10, 11Uninstallms-settings:holographic-management
Surface Hub (If you have a Surface device)
Windows 10, 11Accountsms-settings:surfacehub-accounts
Windows 10, 11Team Conferencingms-settings:surfacehub-calling
Windows 10, 11Team device managementms-settings:surfacehub-devicemanagenent
Windows 10, 11Session cleanupms-settings:surfacehub-sessioncleanup
Windows 10, 11Welcome screenms-settings:surfacehub-welcome
Complete list of Windows Settings URIs

List of Windows URI Commands for Microsoft Store

You can also perform certain actions from the command line relating to the Microsoft Store app. Here are the details:

Microsoft Store pageURI Command
Top-level verticlems-windows-store://navigatetopage/?Id=[vertical]
Downloads and updatesms-windows-store://downloadsandupdates
Store settingsms-windows-store://settings
List of Microsoft Store URI commands

List of Windows URI Commands for Windows Apps

Below is a list of URI commands you can use to launch specific Windows applications. Of course, the apps need to be installed in order for these to work:

AppURI Command
Action Centerms-actioncenter:
Alarms & Clockms-clock:
Available Networksms-availablenetworks:
Candy Crush Soda Sagacandycrushsodasaga:
Cortana Connected Servicesms-cortana://notebook/?ConnectedServices
Cortana Personal Informationms-cortana://settings/ManageBingProfile
Device Discoveryms-settings-connectabledevices:devicediscovery
Drawboard PDFdrawboardpdf:
Feedback Hubfeedback-hub:
Get Helpms-contact-support:
Groove Musicmswindowsmusic:
Microsoft Edgemicrosoft-edge:
Microsoft Newsbingnews:
Microsoft Solitaire Collectionxboxliveapp-1297287741:
Microsoft Storems-windows-store:
Microsoft Store – Musicmicrosoftmusic:
Microsoft Store – Movies & TVmicrosoftvideo:
Microsoft Whiteboardms-whiteboard-cmd:
Minecraft: Windows 10 Editionminecraft:
Mixed Reality Camerams-holocamera:
Mixed Reality Portalms-holographicfirstrun:
Movies & TVmswindowsvideo:
Paint 3Dms-paint:
People – Settingsms-people:settings
Project Displayms-settings-displays-topology:projection
Screen Snipms-screenclip:
Snip & Sketchms-ScreenSketch:
Weatherbingweather: OR msnweather:
Windows Mixed Reality Environmentsms-environment-builder:
Windows Parental Controlsms-wpc:
Windows Securitywindowsdefender:
Xbox – Friends list​_xbox-friendfinder:
Xbox – Profile pagexbox-profile:
Xbox – Network settingsxbox-network:
Xbox – Settingsxbox-settings:​_
Xbox One SmartGlasssmartglass:
List of URIs for Windows apps

How to Use URI Commands

You can now use the URI cmdlets shared above to open them from the Run box, Windows PowerShell, or the Command Prompt.

From Run dialog

Simply open the Run dialog box using the Windows Key + R shortcut keys, paste the URI associated with the page you want to open, and hit Enter.

Run 2
Open URI from Run

From Command Prompt

  1. Open the Command Prompt by typing in cmd in Run.
    cmd 7
  2. In the Command Prompt, type in start followed by the URI to the page which you want to oppen, then hit Enter.

The respective page will now open.

From PowerShell

  1. Open Windows PowerShell by typing in powershell in Run.
    run powershell
  2. Now type in start and then enter the URI of the page that you want to open, then hit Enter.
    pwsh 4

The respective page will now open.

Closing Words

URIs are useful if you want to save time and access a Settings page, Microsoft Store page, or an app quickly. However, you cannot always remember the complete URIs. For that, we suggest that you use the CTRL + F shortcut keys to search this page, and look for the respective URI for the page that you want to access.

Moreover, URIs are also helpful for the developers if they wish to provide quick-access hyperlinks or want their apps to perform a certain task on a Windows PC.

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