Download Google Chrome 61 Offline Installers For All Operating Systems


Google Chrome 61 stable has been released on 5th September 2017. The latest build comes with a lot of fixes and enhancements. The direct download links for Google Chrome 61 are available for Windows, Mac and Linux and can be downloaded from the links given at the end of this article. Google Chrome 61 comes with 22 security fixes. It is recommended that you upgrade your Chrome browser to the latest version.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi

The benefit of offline installer is that it can be run without using Internet bandwidth again and again. You can keep it in your software repository for future installations.

(You may also be interested in downloading Google Chrome beta, dev and canary versions)

What’s new in Chrome 61

These are the new features which are introduced in Chrome 61.

  • Chrome 61 now supports JavaScript modules natively, unifying the way modular JavaScript can be written.
  • You can now use shares to trigger the native Android share dialog.
  • The WebUSB API has landed, allowing web apps to get access to user permitted USB devices.
  • You can now specify scrolling smoothness with the scroll-behavior CSS property.
  • CSS hex color values can now specify alpha transparency by adding digits to the end of the string.
  • You can get access to the relative positions of the screen content with the Visual Viewport API, exposing complex functionality like pinch-and-zoom in a more direct way.

You can see this video for detailed explanation of new features and bugfixes:

Bugs Fixed

Following bugs have been fixed in Google Chrome 61, which was reported in the earlier version.

  • An issue has been fixed which states that Chrome uses after free in PDFium.
  • An issue that says that Heap buffer overflow in a process with WebGL and Heap buffer overflow with Skia, this has been fixed.
  • An issue was seen with Memory lifecycle in PDFium, this has been resolved.
  • An issue with Type confusion in V8 was seen in the earlier version of Chrome, but now it is fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that says “Use of uninitialized value in Skia".
  • In Blink, the Content Security Policy was bypassed. This issue is removed now.
  • Fixed an issue where Potential HTTPS downgrade was occurring during redirect navigation.
  • Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives have been made in Chrome 61.

Manual Installation Steps

  1. Download the offline Installer from below links for your Operating System.
  2. After installation, run the Installer to start Chrome installation on your System.
  3. As the installation completes, the Google Chrome will open on your System.

And enjoy the best browsing and downloading with the latest update of Google Chrome 61.

How to Check Installed Chrome Version

  1. After downloading and installing the Google Chrome, you can easily check that you have successfully installed the latest version of it. Go to the vertical dots menu and then select the “Help" and then “About Google Chrome".
  2. Now it will show you the information about your browser version. And also gives you a message that your browser is updated. And will also tell you of any new update is available.

Update Via Chrome Update

If you are already using Chrome but the version is the older one and needs an update, then you can also update your browser via Chrome Update. To do this, go with below steps.

  1. Go to “About Chrome" from “Help" option available in the Menu of Google Chrome.
  2. If any update is available, it will start downloading that update for you.
  3. When the update will completely install. Relaunch Chrome once, and again go to “About Chrome", and now you will have a message that says your Chrome is updated one.

Google Chrome 61 Offline Installer links

Download Google Chrome 61 for Windows (64 bit)

Download Google Chrome 61 for Windows (32 bit)

Download Google Chrome 61 for Mac

Download Google Chrome 61 for Linux (Debian)

Download Google Chrome 61 for Linux (rpm)

In case you are interested in web installer of Google Chrome, just go to this link and it will automatically detect the Operating System and install Chrome for you. If you are having issues downloading Chrome 61, please let us know through comments and we’ll help you in resolving the issue.

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