Download Windows 10 Version 1903 Enterprise Edition Now

Windows 10 Version 1903 EnterpriseWindows 10 Version 1903 Enterprise

Windows 10 Version 1903 Enterprise evaluation edition is available for download and testing. You can download the evaluation version and use it for up to 180 days free of cost.

Normally the enterprise edition of Windows is for corporate users as it contains features like deployment, update, and support across an organization, managed advanced protection against modern security threats, device, and app management controls, etc. The evaluation edition is strictly for professionals who want to test Windows 10 features on behalf of their organization so that it can be tested and deployed safely across the organization.

Windows 10 Version 1903 Enterprise
Windows 10 Version 1903 Enterprise

The system requirements for Windows 10 Version 1903 Enterprise are the same as other editions of Windows 10 but there are specific guidelines related to the evaluation edition. You should take note of the following before going forward with installing the evaluation.

  1. The evaluation edition of Windows 10 will not upgrade an existing Operating System installation. It will be clean-installed. So you need to back up your data if you want to install this version.
  2. Windows 10 Version 1903 enterprise evaluation only has one login option, with the Microsoft ID. There are no local accounts available. The local accounts will be available when you activate your Windows.
  3. You can run the full-featured OS for 90 days. If you fail to activate before 90 days, the Desktop background will turn black, personalization options will get disabled and the PC will restart after every hour.

Download Windows 10 Version 1903 Enterprise

The complete build number of the evaluation version is 18362.30.

  1. Go to Microsoft’s evaluation center page.
  2. Under Windows Evaluations / Windows 10 Enterprise, expand Start your evaluation.
  3. Select your evaluation file type. There are two editions available:
    ISO – Enterprise
    ISO – LTSC
    LTSC is the long term support channel which will be support for a longer period of time.

    Select Windows 10 Enterprise evaluation ISO file type
    Select Windows 10 Enterprise evaluation ISO file type
  4. Fill in the evaluation form which includes your name, company name, company size, job title, work email address, work phone no., and country. Press the Continue button when you’re done.

    Complete form to start evaluation
    Complete form to start the evaluation
  5. On the next screen, select your platform (32-bit or 64-bit) and then select your language. Windows 10 Enterprise ISO is available in 11 languages.

    Select platform and language
    Select platform and language
  6. Clicking the Download button will start the download immediately. The name of the download file will be displayed as well. For example, I downloaded the GB language, 64-bit version of Windows 10 Enterprise and I got the following name:

Microsoft also gives the permanent download link to the ISO on the same page. Unlike the consumer Windows 10 download link, this link does not expire.

Please note that both these download links are English language and 90-day evaluations. The installations do not require a Microsoft product key for installation or activation. Normally the evaluation edition is available in 11 languages including English (US), English (UK), Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese. We’ll post the links to each language download when they are available from Microsoft.

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  • Koga

    ***This version can’t be activated using KMS or any other service.

    Of course you can sign in with a local account. The button appears when you enter an email which does not have a win 10 enterprise license.

    The only way is to activate is to loign with a linked Microsoft account which has a digital certificate.

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