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The most daunting task after installing Windows is searching for and installing Windows drivers for your computer if Windows doesn’t detect them automatically. This becomes even more difficult if the network drivers are not detected automatically and you can’t connect to the Internet. I always recommend 3DP Net software for automatically detecting and installing network… Read more

Apple’s iOS runs the same firmware on every device. It can only be customized and updated by Apple’s own developers. However, Android is truly an open source platform. Even you and I can play with it if we have the right tools and proper knowledge. The Android device can be customized in whatever way we… Read more

Here is a quick chart of outlook.com configuration settings for any email client: ProtocolServerPortEncryptionIMAPimap-mail.outlook.com993SSLPOPpop-mail.outlook.com995TLSSMTPsmtp-mail.outlook.com465/587SSL/STARTLS Microsoft has finally enabled IMAP protocol in their Outlook.com email service. Currently, Outlook.com supports almost all connectivity protocols by which users can connect to their email service. The email protocols are used to connect the email service to the email client… Read more

If you are watching a movie or having a video chat with your family or friends in a group and don’t want anyone to disturb the screen through keyboard or mouse, KeyFreeze is the right app for you. KeyFreeze locks the keyboard and mouse without locking the computer screen. Normally when we lock a PC… Read more

It is quite difficult to show your friends an element on a webpage exactly as you want it. Similarly it becomes almost impossible to show each and every website that you want to share if there are a lot of links you want to share. For this, there are tools which will let you surf… Read more

The latest version of CCleaner 4.05 includes a new cleaning feature which now cleans the Windows Event logs. Windows Event logs are advanced logs which record information about different functions of the system. We can see the information in event logs through the Event Viewer. More details about the event viewer here. You can start… Read more