Yamna Ali

Yamna is a highly skilled researcher with a specialization in Biotechnology. She draws on her extensive knowledge, experience and ability to research concepts in depth to produce writings that demystify complex technology-related topics.

How to use grabify to grab and track IP addresses

How To Track IP Addresses Using Grabify

Find out your target’s IP address and other information such as ISP, user agent, and browser details.

Find Uninstalled Programs History on Windows

Find And Recover Uninstalled Programs History on Windows

An app can be purposely or accidentally deleted. Either way, here are the methods to see which apps…

Dell Laptop Series

Difference Between Dell Laptop Series

Dell has a laptop for users with every requirement. It can get overwhelming to pick the right one…

Ways To Check If SSD Is SATA Or NVMe On Windows 11 10

What Are The SSD Types And How To Check On Windows 11, 10 [IDE, AHCI, NVMe, SATA, MSATA, M.2, U.2, PCIe, SATA Express]

We all know SSDs are faster than mechanical hard drives, but which one should you upgrade to? This…

Where is the Recycle Bin in Windows 10 and Windows 11

Where Is The Recycle Bin And How To Open It In Windows

If you have never used the Recycle Bin, now would be a good time to start. Here are…

Difference Between CPU Sockets CPU Cores Logical Processor And Threads

What Are CPU Sockets, Cores, Threads, And Logical Processors

A CPU has multiple internal functioning mechanisms, and associated hardware, that can confuse the common PC user. Here…

Microsoft 365 Business vs Enterprise

Microsoft 365 Business VS. Enterprise: A Detailed Comparison

Microsoft 365 categorizes its plans as Business and Enterprise plans; each category offers different plans. But which one…

DVI types differences

From DVI-A To DVI-D: A Comparison Of DVI Connector Types And Their Capabilities

DVI pots and cables come in different pin configurations and link speeds. Here are the main differences between…

OneDrive plans comparison

A Comparison Of Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage Plans

OneDrive is offered as a subscription service, but he much should you pay? Here is a detailed comparison…

Microsoft Project plans comparison 1

Microsoft Project Plans – A Detailed Comparison

Microsoft Project is offered in various different models, each offering different setups, tools, features, and utilities. Read this…

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