Yamna Ali

Yamna is a highly skilled researcher with a specialization in Biotechnology. She draws on her extensive knowledge, experience and ability to research concepts in depth to produce writings that demystify complex technology-related topics.

Best IP Tracker Software and Services

Track IP Addresses with Ease: 5 Best IP Address Tracker Software And Services (Free + Paid)

Discover the best IP address tracker tools for 2023! Track IP addresses across your network with ease and…

Chrome Error Code Out Of Memory

How To Fix “Out Of Memory” Error Code In Google Chrome

This issue is associated with system RAM and often resolved by vacating it. However, that is not always…

Fix Microsoft Store download slow

How To Increase Microsoft Store Download Speeds

Experiencing painfully slow download speeds in Microsoft Store apps? Here are a few ways to improve the downloading…

Laptop buying guide

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Laptop (New Or Used)

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How to use grabify to grab and track IP addresses

How To Track IP Addresses Using Grabify

Find out your target’s IP address and other information such as ISP, user agent, and browser details.

Block Level vs File Level vs Incremental vs Differential Backups

Types Of Backups: Block Level, File Level, Incremental, Differential

Keeping a backup of precious data enables data recovery and business continuity. Selecting the right type of backup…

Find Uninstalled Programs History on Windows

Find And Recover Uninstalled Programs History on Windows

An app can be purposely or accidentally deleted. Either way, here are the methods to see which apps…

Dell Laptop Series

Difference Between Dell Laptop Series

Dell has a laptop for users with every requirement. It can get overwhelming to pick the right one…

Ways To Check If SSD Is SATA Or NVMe On Windows 11 10

What Are The SSD Types And How To Check On Windows 11, 10 [IDE, AHCI, NVMe, SATA, MSATA, M.2, U.2, PCIe, SATA Express]

We all know SSDs are faster than mechanical hard drives, but which one should you upgrade to? This…

Where is the Recycle Bin in Windows 10 and Windows 11

Where Is The Recycle Bin And How To Open It In Windows

If you have never used the Recycle Bin, now would be a good time to start. Here are…