Browse The Web Together With Online Friends

It is quite difficult to show your friends an element on a webpage exactly as you want it. Similarly it becomes almost impossible to show each and every website that you want to share if there are a lot of links you want to share.

For this, there are tools which will let you surf the Internet together with your friends. We will discuss two services for this purpose. is a free service for sharing whatever you are browsing in real time. You can invite as many friends to the browsing session as you like. Using is as simple as a few clicks. To start a new session, go to and click on the “Start a new session” button. A popup will appear with your session number. You can share this session number with anyone whom you want to share your session with.

Next, you should start surfing the Internet using the webpage where you can input the URL and browse the Internet.

Browsing together with

Friends who get their session number should go to and enter session no. and press the “Join” button. This will add him or her to your active browsing session. includes features like annotation and text chatting which make it easier for people to communicate exactly as they want to.



If you want a more advanced tool for collaborating in real-time, Samesurf can be a good choice. Samesurf is a software which makes it easier for people to browse the Internet together with their family and friends.

Unlike, Samesurf is not totally web based. You will need to download the app and install it on your computer in order to use the features provided by Samesurf.

Apart from browsing the Internet together in real-time, Samesurf offers a lot of other collaboration features like connecting to Facebook, Twitter etc. and invite your friends from there, mouse tracking, audio and video chatting etc. You can also share your full screen in addition to just a browser window.

Samesurf supports annotations on the screen. All the participants can scribble on the screen to take an active part in the conversation.

Do you browse the Internet with your friends in real-time? What are the purposes for which you want to surf the Internet together?

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5 thoughts on “Browse The Web Together With Online Friends”

    • Surfly seems to be a good choice. I haven’t tried it completely but it seems better than both the apps shared in the article. One thing that I wanted to ask if we can use Surfly on the fly without having to create an account?

      • The people you invite to your session will not need to have an account. You could for example send out a tweet containing your surfly link and everybody can join in on the fun.

        The person who controls the session currently still needs to create an account – but we’ll simplify this by adding social sign in.

    • It had the same issues with Surfly. I tried the new version of Samesurf and it worked really well. It didn’t require a download.


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