How to refresh icon cache without restarting windows

If any of your icons isn’t displaying, it means you need to refresh your icon cache. Icon cache is database file that has copy of each icon for faster access. Whenever Windows needs icon, it draws from cache rather to retrieve icon image from original application. It makes the programs to load faster.

To access to icon cache, go to Folder Options –> View tab –> Show hidden files, folders and drives


And now go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\iconCache.db

If your icon cache is corrupted or Windows is not able to create the new image of replaced icon you need to rebuild or refresh the icon cache.

To refresh the icon cache, just delete the iconCache.db file and Windows will automatically start rebuilding the new cache.

Just do the following steps to refresh your cache icon. Go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer. Right Click on it with pressing shift key. Then you’ll see option” open command window here”, select it.



Then command window will open and write “dir” command to check ,that you are in correct folder or not.

There you’ll see the icon cache file is present.


From the task bar, right click on it and open task manager


There you’ll see the “explorer”, right click on it and click on “end task” from the list. Desktop and explorer will disappear. At that that all applications should be closed other than command box.


Now end the task and type the command

  • “del iconcache* ”

It will delete the files and now sign off your account. Now all files of icon cache will be repaired and recreated.

This is simple solution of how to refresh the icon cache without restarting the windows. You don’t have to do more steps for this. Just follow above simple and easy steps and you’ll get refresh icon cache.

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4 thoughts on “How to refresh icon cache without restarting windows”

  1. accidentally once selected wireless network icon that ‘aeroplane symbol’ in a taskbar corner on the desktop is not at all wanishing even tried changing adapter, icon set, mode of connection blue tooth setup etc. this I could not fix. Do you have solution to restore the original network icon ‘square box’ with correct status display.

  2. This is the standard advice. Doesn’t seem to work on Windows 10 Home version 1803. The IconCache.db file cannot be deleted even after Explorer.exe is closed. Something is keeping it open. You might consider deleting this article.


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