Mozilla Firefox 121 Includes Floating Buttons In PDF Viewer, Support For Touchpad & Touchscreen Gestures

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Mozilla has released Firefox version 121.0 as well as the Extended Stable Release (ESR) 115.6. This is a major release as Firefox 121 includes significant security fixes as well as new features and support. This statement also extends to Firefox for Android, since it can now handle extensions.

Mozilla has yet to publish the release notes for this Firefox rollout, but the features and improvements from the insider (Nightly) releases suggest that this is a major update. Firefox 121 brings significant improvements for Linux users as it enables the Wayland compositor by default, instead of XWayland. This improvement brings support for touchpad and touchscreen gestures directly to the Firefox browser.

Similar improvements have been made to other areas of the browser, which have been discussed below.

At the time of writing this post, Mozilla has not published the update through its browser update channel, but you can still install it using the offline installers provided below. Pretty soon, you should also be able to upgrade your existing Firefox version to v121 through the update channel.

Mozilla Firefox 121 release summary

  • Complete Release Build: 121.0, 115.6 ESR
  • Release Date: Tuesday, December 19th, 2023
  • CompatibilityWindows 1110, 8.1, 8, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android.
  • Previous BuildFirefox 120.0

Download Mozilla Firefox 121

The download links given below are for the English version of Mozilla Firefox version 121. Click on the links in the “Downloads” column to download the offline installers for the respective Firefox version .

Firefox 121Windowsx64 .EXE
x64 .MSI
x86 .EXE
x86 .MSI
Firefox 121macOSDMG
Firefox 121LinuxTAR.BZ2
Firefox 121AndroidDownload
Firefox 121iOSDownload
Download Mozilla Firefox version 121

If you want to download Firefox 121 in another language or platform, click on the link.

Download Mozilla Firefox 115.6 ESR

The download links given below are for the English version of Mozilla Firefox version 115.6 ESR .

Firefox 115.6 ESRWindowsx64 .EXE
x64 .MSI
x86 .EXE
x86 .MSI
Firefox 115.6 ESRmacOSDMG
Firefox 115.6 ESRLinuxTAR.BZ2
Download Mozilla Firefox 115.6 ESR

If you want to download Firefox 115.6 ESR in another language or platform, click on the link.

What’s new in Firefox 121

Mozilla Firefox v121 includes a few new features and support, which are as follows:

  • The Wayland compositor is now enabled by default for Linux users, instead of the older XWayland. This not only improves the graphics performance, but also includes support for the touchpad and touchscreen gestures, per-display DPI settings, and swipe gestures. However, using the Picture-in-Picture element will still require an extra right-click.
  • Firefox will not support force-underlining links, making them more visible for people with visual aids and disabilities. You can enable this option from Settings > General > Browsing > enable “Always underline links”.
  • Firefox will now prompt users to install the AV1 video extension for hardware decoding support.
  • The PDF Viewer in Firefox will now include floating buttons to delete images, text blocks, and drawings.
  • Easy access for Mozilla Virtual Private Network (VPN) under Settings > More from Mozilla.
  • For developers: Firefox 121 includes support for the :has() selector which allows matching similar elements, lazy-loading iframes, and support for text-wrap: balance which improves the visual appearance of text blocks.
  • Firefox will now support voice control commands on macOS.

To learn more about what’s new in Firefox 121, you can read the Release Notes once they are available.

Update to Firefox 121

If you already have Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer, then updating it would be easy. Follow the guide below to update your existing Firefox browser to version 121.0.

  1. Launch Firefox and click on the 3 lines in the top-right corner, then click Help.

    Firefox help
    Expand Help from the menu
  2. Click “About Firefox.”

    Firefox about
    Open Firefox’s About page

    You will now see a pop-up window that will automatically begin searching for an available update and install it.

  3. Once installed, click “Restart to Update Firefox.”

    Restart Firefox
    Restart Firefox
  4. Verify that the browser has been updated by returning to the “About Firefox” pop-up.

    Firefox v121 installed
    Firefox v121 installed

Install Firefox 121, 115.6 ESR

The following method is a guide for installing Mozilla Firefox on a Windows computer. Installing it on macOS and Linux devices would not be so different.

If you already have Firefox installed on your computer, then installing it again using a downloaded package would automatically upgrade the existing version.

  1. Download the setup file from above and run it.

    The installation wizard will now launch.

  2. Click Next.

    Firefox install 1
  3. Select “Standard” installation and then click Next.

    Firefox install 2
    Select installation type
  4. Leave the default location and then click “Install/Upgrade.”

    Firefox install 3
    Install or upgrade Firefox

    The browser will now install.

  5. When completed, click Finish.

    Firefox install 4
    Close wizard

Uninstall Mozilla Firefox

If you feel like removing Firefox from your PC, simply follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows Key + R shortcut to open the Run Command box.

  2. Type in “appwiz.cpl” and then press Enter to open the Programs and Features applet.

    Open Programs and Features applet
  3. Double-click “Mozilla Firefox” to uninstall it.

    Double click Firefox
    Double-click Firefox

    The uninstallation wizard will now open.

  4. Click Next.

    Firefox uninstall 1
  5. Click Uninstall.

    Firefox uninstall 2
    Begin uninstallation

    The wizard will now remove Firefox.

  6. When removed, close the wizard by clicking Finish.

    Firefox uninstall 3
    Close the wizard

Firefox will now be removed from your computer.

Mozilla Firefox Changelog History

Firefox VersionRelease DateFeatures
Firefox 12223-Jan-24Added DEB package for Ubuntu, Debian, and Linux users, improvements to language translation, supports creating and using passkeys stored in iCloud Keychain on macOS.
Firefox 12119-Dec-23Wayland enabled by default (touchpad and touchscreen gestures), voice control for macOS, floating buttons in PF viewer, option to force underlining links.
Firefox 12021-Nov-23New website privacy preferences, ability for Ubuntu users using Firefox Snap to import browser data, ability to import TLS trust anchors, a “Copy Link Without Site Tracking” option.
Firefox 11923-Oct-23Import extensions from Chrome, edit images in PDF files, more content in Firefox View.
Firefox 11826-Sep-23Introduces native auto-translate for web pages, the FDLIBM math library is now used for web audio
Firefox 11728-Aug-23Removed screen-share from Wayland systems, missing anticipated auto-translate
Firefox 1161-Aug-23Improved PIP with volume control and the ability to edit existing text annotations
Firefox 1154-Jul-23Last supported version for Windows 7, 8, macOS 10.12, 10.13, and 10.14. Ability to import payment methods from other Chromium browsers. Hardware video decoding ability on Linux .
Firefox 1138-May-23Improved PIP mode, secure password generator, optimized Windows GPU Sandbox, drag-and-drop files from Outlook, flexible overscroll enabled by default, AVIS animations are supported in AV1 image format files.
Firefox 11211-Apr-23Reveal password by right-clicking on the password field, Linux users can import browser data from Chromium snap packages, and restore closed tabs by pressing the CTRL + Shift + T shortcut.
Firefox 11114-Mar-23Windows notifications are now enabled by default, Firefox Relay users can create relay email masks from the Firefox credential manager.
Firefox 11014-Feb-23GPU Sandboxing, block third-party module injection, import data from Opera, Opera GX, and Vivaldi browsers.
Firefox 10916-Jan-23Support for Manifest V3 extensions, unified extensions button in the toolbar.
Firefox 10813-Dec-22Background tab efficiency mode integration for Windows 11, import maps, support to use Shift + Esc shortcut keys to open the Process Manager.
Firefox 10715-Nov-22Improved performance, Power profiling support on Linux and Mac devices.
Firefox 10617-Oct-22PDF Annotations, WebRTC improvements, and a welcome screen for initial setup .
Firefox 10520-Sep-22Performance improvements, retracted 2-finger swipe feature, option to print the current page only.
Mozilla Firefox features introduced in each version

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