SQLite Lifecycle: End Of Life And Support Status

Last updated on January 26, 2024

SQLite is an in-process library that is self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. Since SQLite’s code is public domain, it may be used for any reason, including private and commercial ones.

With more applications than we can count—including several well-known projects—SQlite is the most extensively used database in the world.

Support status guide

End of life (EOL) is the end of a product’s useful life. When a product reaches the end of its life cycle, the manufacturer no longer supports it. The following table explains the different phases of a product’s lifecycle. Testing status is when the product is initially released and EOL is when product support is no longer offered. The time between these two points is the support timeframe.


The software is not yet publicly available. It is in testing phase i.e., alpha, beta, release preview etc.


The software is actively supported by the vendor.

Phasing Out

The software will soon reach its end of life. You need to look for upgrade or migration options. The software will automatically go into phasing out status 2 months before end of life.

End Of Life

The software is no longer supported by the vendor. You need to make sure your system and environment are safe.



Active Support

SQLite 3
15 years and 4 months ago
(15 January 2009)
SQLite 2
22 years and 8 months ago
(28 September 2001)
Ended 19 years and 8 months ago
(18 September 2004)
SQLite 1
23 years and 9 months ago
(17 August 2000)
Ended 22 years and 8 months ago
(28 September 2001)

SQLite adopts semantic versioning, which means that it has a major release, a minor release, and patch updates. Only the latest SQLite version is supported at a time. However, an overlapping transitional time may be given so that the users can shift to the latest version.

SQLite users can choose from various support options, which include the following:

  • Annual Maintenance Subscription – Private, expert email advice from the developers of SQLite.
  • Technical Support – High-priority email and phone support directly from the SQLite developers. Guaranteed response time is available as an option.
  • SQLite Consortium Membership – Premium enterprise support including on-site visits and access to all proprietary extensions and test suites.

These are paid support options, about which you can learn more about here.

Additionally, the developers of SQLite promised support for the product til 2050. This means that SQLite as a whole will be supported until then – not a specific version.