Windows 11 KB5035942 Released With Significant Moment 5 Features

Windows 11 Cumulative UpdateWindows 11 Cumulative Update

As always, Microsoft has launched the optional update for Windows 11, which is KB5035942. This update introduces significant new features for the operating system, including the ones we were expecting with KB5035853 – Patch Tuesday update for March. However, to our disappointment, the update only introduced a few of the expected features.

That said, with KB5035942, Microsoft has enabled all Moment 5 features for everyone, which includes significant improvements to the Narrator and Voice Access, more information on the lock screen, the capability to share through WhatsApp with Windows Share, improvements to Nearby Share, and seamless integration with Windows 365 Boot.

KB5035942 applies to Windows 11 v23H2, and certain editions of Windows 11 22H2. Installing this update will upgrade the OS build to 226X1.3374. Additionally, it also addresses 18 fixes but does not include any security patches.

Release Summary: KB5035942

  • KB Article: KB5035942
  • Update Type: Cumulative Update (Type D)
  • OS Version: Windows 11 versions 22H2, 23H2
  • OS Build: 226X1.3374
  • Size: 679.2 MB
  • Release Date: 26th March 2024

What’s new in KB5035942

KB5035942 introduces a long list of features, improvements, and fixes for the Windows 11 operating system. However, I have listed the highlights of this update below:

  • Copilot

    Windows Copilot now allows only 10 queries when using a local computer account. After that, you must sign in with a Microsoft account or Microsoft Entra ID.

  • Lock Screen

    The lock screen can now display widget cards for more information, such as the local weather, mail, or support assist.

    After installing the update, go to Settings > Personalization > Lock screen, expand the drop-down menu in front of “Lock screen status“, and choose the item to display.

    Select Windows 11 lock screen status
    Select Windows 11 lock screen status
  • Voice Access

    Voice Access can now also be used in French, German, and Spanish. Moreover, you can now use Voice Access across all your display devices in a multiple-display setup. These include number and grid overlays that were previously limited to the main display only. It’s also easy to go from one screen to another using this overlay.

    Moreover, you also get voice shortcuts and can build your own custom commands in the English dialect.

  • Narrator

    You can now listen to a preview of 10 natural voices for the Narrator before downloading them. To listen to them, you need internet access. Here is how:

    1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Narrator.

    2. Click Add in front of “Add natural voices“.

    3. Click on the voice that you want to preview, and the preview voice should play automatically.

      Listen to preview of natural voices for Narrator
      Listen to preview of natural voices for Narrator
    4. Once finalized, you may click “Download and Install” to download the voice package.

    5. Once downloaded, select the voice from the drop-down menu in front of “Choose a voice“.

      Select a voice for the Narrator
      Select a voice for the Narrator

    Moreover, you can now also use the Shift + G shortcut to move between the images in the Scan mode. It also makes a few other improvements.

  • Windows Share

    The apps in the Windows share window might change depending on how you are logged into the account. For example, if you are logged in with a Microsoft account, you might even see the Microsoft Teams app icon in the “Share using” option.

    Moreover, the Windows share window now supports sharing with WhatsApp in the “Share using” section. If you do not have WhatsApp installed, you can install it from the Windows Share window.

  • Nearby Share

    You can now use the Quick settings or the Settings app to enable or disable Nearby Sharing. Note that this will also toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings.

    Moreover, the transfer speeds have also been improved with this update. You can also change the name of your device for Nearby Sharing from Settings > System > Nearby Sharing.

  • Snap Layouts

    This update adds suggestions to  Snap Layouts.  They help you to instantly snap multiple app windows together. You can also hover over the minimize or maximize button of an app to open the layout box. When you do, app icons will display various layout options.

  • Windows 365 Boot & Switch

    Several improvements have been made to both Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch, improving its integration with the Windows 11 OS.

    First off, this update adds a dedicated mode for Windows 365 Boot. When you sign in on your company-owned device, doing that also signs you into your Windows 365 Cloud PC with passwordless authentication. Moreover, you now also have the ability to quickly switch profiles.

    You can now manage the settings of your physical (local) PC from your Cloud PC.

    You can also use your local PC to disconnect from your Cloud PC. Go to Local PC > Task view, right-click the Cloud PC button, and click Disconnect. Moreover, this update adds desktop indicators for Windows 365 Switch. You will see the terms “Cloud PC” and “Local PC” on the desktop indicator when you switch between them.

Other than these major changes, KB5035942 also makes several fixes and other improvements, which you can read about in detail in the Release Notes.

Moreover, with this release, Microsoft is not currently aware of any more known issues with Windows 11 updates. However, if you want to learn about the history of issues with Windows 11, refer to our dedicated guide post here:

Windows 11 Known Issues

Download and install KB5035942

You can download and install KB5035942 from Windows Update, or using the direct download links below.

To install the update from Windows Update on a Windows 11 (23H2 or 22H2) PC, press the Windows Key + i to open Settings, go to “Windows Update“, and then click “Check for updates.” Once the update is available, click “Download and install.” Once installed, restart the PC to finalize it.

Note that the update may start installing automatically if you have enabled the “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” option.

Alternatively, you may download the .MSU files from the links provided in the “Downloads” column here:

KB articleOS versionDownload
Download KB5035942 for Windows 11 23H2, 22H2

To install the update, simply run the downloaded MSU file and Windows will automatically install the update. To download any other updates related to any of the above, please check the Microsoft Catalog.

KB5035942 installed
KB5035942 installed

Windows 11 optional non-security update history

KB ArticleOS VersionBuildRelease DateSignificant ChangesAnnouncement
KB503698023H2, 22H222621.3527,
24-Apr-24Ads and recommended apps in Start menu, improvement to taskbar and lock screen widgetsMicrosoft Announcement of KB5036980
KB503594223H2, 22H222621.3374,
26-Mar-24Widgets on lock screen, improvements to Voice Access, Narrator, Windows Sshare, & Nearby SharingMicrosoft Announcement of KB5035942
KB503484823H2, 22H222621.3235,
29-Feb-24Support for USB4 v2 (80 GBps), ability to edit mobile screenshots with Windows Snipping ToolMicrosoft Announcement of KB5034848
KB503420423H2, 22H222621.3085,
23-Jan-243D emojis restored, bugs fixed in Start menu, File Explorer, and Bluetooth technology.Microsoft Announcement of KB5034204
KB503228823H2, 22H222621.2792, 22631.27924-Dec-23Several improvements for Copilot and File Explorer, Spotlight as the default backgroundMicrosoft Announcement of KB5032288
KB503145522H222621.250626-Oct-23Introduces Moment 4 features that are enabled by default, fixes issues with touchscreen amongst othersMicrosoft Announcement of KB5031455
KB503031022H222621.236126-Sep-23– Introduces new features of Windows 11 23H2
– Made major fixes and resolved issues
Microsoft Announcement of KB5030310
KB502935122H222621.221522-Aug-23– Improves app defaults and app pinning
– Includes hover behavior to search box gleam
Microsoft Announcement of KB5029351
KB502825422H222621.207026-Jul-23– Addresses issues with push notifications
– Fixes issues with VPN connectivity
Microsoft Announcement of KB5028254
KB502730322H222621.192827-Jun-23– Includes all Moment 3 features and improvements, including the option to show seconds in the taskbar clock.
– Improves the sharing of a local file in File Explorer with Microsoft Outlook contacts
– Several additions and changes to the Settings app pages.
Microsoft Announcement of KB5027303
KB502644622H222621.177824-May-23– Fixes speech recognition known issue, adds total OneDrive storage view in Accounts Settings page, adds Bluetooth LE to supported hardware.
– Introduces a new issue with 32-bit apps while saving, attaching, and moving them.
Microsoft Announcement of KB5026446
Changelog for Windows 11 optional non-security preview updates
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