Google Chrome 64 Offline Installers For All Operating Systems


Google Chrome 64 stable is available for download and installation. You will find Chrome 64 offline installer links for all Operating Systems including Android, Linux, Windows and Mac OS in this article.

The latest version of Chrome fixes 53 vulnerabilities and bugs including the famous Spectre CPU vulnerability which has taken everyone by surprise. Other improvements include tab muting, better ad blocking etc. To experience an improved browsing experience, users should upgrade to Chrome 64 if they are using Chrome 63 or earlier releases.

Let’s first quickly go through what’s new in Chrome 64 and then we’ll discuss about upgrading Chrome if you have already installed it in your system. The last section will give you direct download links to Chrome 64 offline installers.

What’s new in Chrome 64

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Support for Windows 10

Chrome 64 adds HDR feature which makes the pictures and videos played in Chrome more vibrant and luminous. This feature is only available to users who have installed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Version 1709), have a dedicated graphics card in their systems and a HDR compatible monitor.

Stronger pop-up blocker

The new and improved pop-up blocker in Chrome 64 will stop abusive websites from opening new tabs and windows unless a user has explicitly clicked a link.

Chrome popup blocker

Chrome popup blocker

If you are a webmaster and want to check if your website is affected by this new pop-up blocking in Google, you may go to Google abusive experiences report, choose your website and see if your site is affected.

Google Abusive Experience Report

Google Abusive Experience Report

Improved Developer tools

Chrome 64 now uses V8 JavaScript engine version 6.4 which comes with speed and performance improvements. If you are a developer and want to go in details on how V8 version 6.4 works, you may visit V8 API documentation here.

Disable auto-play videos sound

There are a lot of websites and even video ads on some website which will start playing the video as soon as the webpage is opened. This is annoying for a lot of users. Chrome 64 takes care of this, Google gives its users the ability to turn off audio of a website.

To turn off audio of a specific tab, just right-click it and select Mute Site.

mute site in Chrome 64

mute site in Chrome 64

You can also permanently turn off audio from one site.

Fixed issues in Google Chrome 64

A total of 53 security flaws and vulnerabilities have been fixed in Chrome 64. If you want to go through all the flaws and their fixes, please go to this changelog page.

Upgrade to Chrome 64 using Chrome Update

If you are already using Chrome, you can easily upgrade your browser via Chrome update. You have to go to three dots menu on the top-right corner of the Chrome’s window and go to Help, and the About Chrome.

Updating Chrome

Updating Chrome

If a new version is available, it will start updating your browser.

Up to Date with Chrome 64 offline installer

Up to Date with Chrome 64 offline installer

When the installation completes, your browser will ask you to relaunch it. On relaunching, it will show you that you are having latest and updated version of Chrome.

Chrome 64 Offline Installer Direct Download Links

Download Google Chrome 64.0.3282.119 for Windows 32-bit

Download Google Chrome 64.0.3282.119 for Windows 64-bit

If you are an enterprise user and want to update Chrome across your organization and implement group policies, you may download the enterprise version from below links:

Download Google Chrome 64.0.3282.119 Enterprise for Windows 32-bit [MSI]

Download Google Chrome 64.0.3282.119 Enterprise for Windows 64-bit [MSI]

Download Google Chrome 64 for Mac OS

Download Google Chrome 64 for Linux

Download Google Chrome 64 for Android

Download Google Chrome 64 for iOS

Download Google Chrome 64 Portable

Removing/Uninstalling Google Chrome

If you encounter any issue with the latest version of Chrome or if you have installed the beta version of Chrome, you may want to uninstall it completely from your system using Chrome Removal tool.

Download Google Chrome Removal Tool

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