Firefox 56 Offline Installers For All Operating Systems Direct Download Links


The stable version of Firefox 56 has been released and is available for users to download. The Firefox updates still doesn’t pick Firefox 56 as the latest version. So you will need to download the offline installer from the links given below to install the latest version of Firefox.

Update: Download Firefox 57 offline installers with faster performance and improved modern UI

Firefox 56 comes with new features of taking screenshots, support for addressed-form autofill, a search tool, reorganized preference, hardware acceleration is added, and few other improvements have been made to provide users with the best browser.

I have added direct links for Firefox 56 offline installer so you can update your browser instantly and start using Firefox with new features. Links are official so you may download it safely.

Let’s have a look at the changelog of Firefox 56 first.

Firefox 56 New Features

Firefox Screenshot: A new feature has added in Firefox which can capture any favorite part of the web page as a screenshot.

Addressed-form autofill: for united stated English language, the support for addressed-form autofill has added in Firefox 56.

Search Tool: A Search tool has added for users ease to find anything quicker than before without any issue.

Reorganized Preferences: Preferences have been reorganized, descriptions have been re-written, and data collect choices have been revised for more effective browsing.

Media Won’t play: Media open in any tab will not play in the background until you open that specific tab on which media has to play.

Improved Send Tab feature: The Send Tab feature of sync for iOS and Android gets improvement in Firefox 56.

Firefox 56 Changelog

Following changes have been made in Firefox 56.

  • The hardware acceleration has been added.
  • For downloading the updates, security has improved.
  • The Safe Browsing protocol is updated to 4.
  • The character encoding converters have been replaced with Encoding Standard-compliant implementation which is written in Rust.
  • The download file of an update has been reduced by 20 percent approx.

For developers

  • Layout Panel has been added to CSS Grid DevTools


  • Startup crash with RelevantKnowledge adware installed.
  • Startup crashes with 64-bit Firefox on Windows 7, for users of Lenovo’s “OneKey Theater” software for IdeaPad laptops. To fix this crash, please re-install 32-bit Firefox.

Firefox 56 Direct Download Links


  Download Firefox 56 for Windows 32-bit (34.0 MiB, 1,315 hits)

  Download Firefox 56 for Windows 64-bit (37.0 MiB, 1,544 hits)

  Download Firefox 56 for MacOS (52.0 MiB, 992 hits)

  Download Firefox 56 for Linux (52.0 MiB, 1,052 hits)

Firefox 57 seems to be an interesting released in the future because of its performance and speed gain as compared to earlier versions of Firefox. Firefox 56 also seems to be quicker than the rest. I will wait for the next version to be released into the stable ring and compare the performance between Firefox and Chrome. What are your thoughts about Firefox? Which browser do you use as your default browser?

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  1. Thanks for version 56.
    I made the mistake of upgrading to 57, and it’s lousy!
    Now I can revert to a ‘good’ version.

  2. Zachary Trainor on

    Thank you for this service, I really appreciate it! Wanted Firefox 56, 64 BIT, was not easy to find! Thank you again!

    • iTechtics Staff on

      sorry, our database got corrupted and was not showing the links. Now it’s been fixed. Thank you for pointing to the problem.

  3. Firefox was less driven by advertising revenue and did not dance around the truth of the programming objectives regarding privacy. Version 57 is being promoted for speed but in the background is a quiet move to generate advertising revenue via less privacy. As such this represents the loss of Firefox as a concerned and moral authority foe privacy on the internet.

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